13 HANDS unites Tolkien fans worldwide with, “The Promise”, to celebrate final Hobbit movie

By on September 8, 2014

With the intensity and drive of Frodo carrying the one ring to Mt. Doom, 13 HANDS, aka DALIEN, is a respected, Grammy ballot nominated artist, Professor of Yoga and has been on a mission after surviving a near death adversity years ago. His company is committed to helping others reduce anxiety and sleep issues with sound, yoga and music and has been committed to paying it forward since.


AND… you can count him as one of the many fierce, loyal and passionate fans of JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s films. The themes of courage, standing up and fighting for what is right and never giving up in the face of adversity are some of main themes that resonate with people, especially for him.

The song entitled “The Promise” was born on Christmas Eve, 2013 and is a philosophical and spiritual exploration of the Hobbit.

“It kind of popped into my head after thinking about my Dad when he gave me all of Tolkiens books when I was kid; along with a pretty intense lecture on how these books would help me through various adversity in life”.


His father was killed in a plane crash when Dalien was 15, so he turned to the books as emotional anchor and support growing up. And so the song was channeled, recorded on New Years Eve and Day, tweeked over Janurary and was circulated in the winter months via private invitation through the video platform Sprout Video. This phase was implemented to rally the support of specific fans, Tolkien scholars, film producers, Grammy and Oscar nominated musician/composers and other people with a fondness for the story in order to garner support. You can read some of that support here: http://13hands.com/category/the-promise.


Phase two in the spring was to start reaching out to the professional community to network and connect the song with key people who could help this project along. That process is still underway with some developments. Phase three of the campaign has begun in order to rally the Tolkien fans to the song all over the world and ask for their help in getting the attention of New Zealand.


Within two days of the videos posting, non-profit group Tolkien Brasil was granted permission to post it and converted the lyrics to Portuguese in order to share it with their 25,000 fan base of loyal and loving Tolkien followers and more developments keep coming in every day. The fans are touched and are reacting to this song.


13 HANDS hopes that a conversation might occur in order to alliance the song with the third film in some way, or to be invited to compose something new after being invited to see the film and/or explore how “The Promise” can be allianced with the DVD releases next year.


13 HANDS understands the odds, much like the odds both Bilbo and Frodo faced, but he truly knows this can compliment the movie and the fans are reinforcing this. For his song to make it to the end credit position, it would have to fit the tone of Peter’s ending without having seen the film! (a miracle no doubt) And if by some miracle it was accepted, it would require a re-recording of the song with a more involved orchestral/string quartet production and male choir ensemble… and perhaps getting the cast to all sing together on it? (another dream of his) For him, it’s truly about sharing it with the family of fans around the world regardless if he can or can’t woo Peter’s heart with it.


The 3rd video rallies over 30 artists from all over the world from DeviantArt, a website for painters, digital artists and more. He secured their permission to share their Hobbit inspired artwork. The artists hail from all over: Estonia, Brazil, England, China, United States, Yemen, Turkey, Germany, France, Chile and more. The other video features 13 HANDS playing guitar and turning the pages of a parchment book with the song lyrics under candle light. It’s very 16th century Old English, Middle Earth-y inspired.


The song is not a commercial release or being sold at this time. It is a promotional effort to reach Peter through every avenue possible, assess any potential interest and go from there.


Thanks for taking the time and consideration. Enjoy, crank the volume and imagine you’re watching the end credits in the theater.




“The Promise” by 13 HANDS for The Hobbit (Red Book of Westmarch inspired)


The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, end song “The Promise” by 13 HANDS (Red Book of Westmarch version) from 13HANDS on Vimeo.


“The Promise” by 13 HANDS for The Hobbit (Worldwide Fan Art version)

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, end song “The Promise” by 13 HANDS (Worldwide Fan Art Version) from 13HANDS on Vimeo.



For added perspective: Listen to Neil Finn’s and Ed Sheeran’s songs back to back and then 13 HANDS.

13 HANDS, aka DALIEN, is a two-time Grammy nominee, Professor of Yoga, ERYT500 instructor, world chant/kirtan wallah, presenter and sound therapist who has been immersed in many studies, approaches and styles of yoga, holistic health education, shamanism and contemporary/ world chant music for over 20 years. A survivor of a near death struggle with Crohns /Colitis he healed himself completely through a very inspiring journey to go on and implement this wisdom and stages of healing into the hundreds of programs, workshops, teacher training modules, concerts and personal development work he shares each year to help people with general health, stress reduction issues and in the recovery of post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Additionally he plays over 25 instruments, has released 13 albums over various genres of music and his instrumental healing music that has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve sleeping challenges. He shares with joy, love, passion, community, a super sense of humor and has shared those gifts presenting along side and/or with at events with The Dali Lama, Jack Kornfield, Anne Lamott, Mark Nepo, Snatam Kaur, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Gary Null, Amy Ippoliti, Dharma Mitra, Elena Brower, RUN DMC, Ani DiFranco, Marjorie Fair, Ours, Paula Cole, Laurie Anderson, the late Pheobe Snow and beloved Shyamdas, Krishna Das, WAH!, Dave Stringer and many more…..along withmany other wonderful teachers, healers and artists at festivals, ashrams, retreat centers like Kripalu, Omega, ECA, WSSC fitness conferences and other spiritual/yoga events like Yoga @ the Great Lawn, Global Mala, Sounds True Wake Up Festival, Wanderlust NYC and a recent TEDxFultonStreet talk.  For more information: http://13hands.com


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