7 Fantastic Cyber PR® Artists You Need To Know

By on February 18, 2012

And although we have all been enjoying the love songs here in the Cyber PR® office just as much as you have on your blogs, podcasts and radio stations, we think it’s about time to start giving the focus back to all of the other not-so-love focused music that has made its way into our hearts.

So without furthur adeau, we have put together at great list of:

7 Fantastic Cyber PR® Artists You Need To Know About

The Wee Trio

Genre: Jazz, Instrumental, Indie

Hailed by critics as “the ambassadors of the genre’s future,” praised for “stirring up jazz you don’t have to be old to enjoy,” and credited for delivering “lightning in a bottle,” The Wee Trio, featuring James Westfall (vibes), Dan Loomis (bass) and Jared Schonig (drums), exploded onto the scene in 2008 with their debut CD, Capitol Diner, Vol. 1 (which brilliantly captured the energy, eclecticism and excellence of the band’s birthplace, Brooklyn, NY).

The band recently released their third album, Ashes to Ashes – A David Bowie Intraspective, that both explores and reimagines Bowie’s music meanwhile managing to stay true to its spirit and energy.

Click here to listen to The Wee Trio

Darius Lux

Genre: Pop, Rock, Soul
Combining his appreciation of 60s songwriting, 70s soul, 80s pop and 90s hip-hop into a current mix of soulful, rock-edged pop tunes, Darius Lux found his voice on his debut record “Arise”. He now takes us and his band to the streets of LA for his new EP, “Time is Now.”

Darius’ music is a statement describing how we can take control of our lives. “For each one of us, life can be full of different fears, but we have to remember that fear is a choice. When we decide we don’t want fear and we have chosen to believe in ourselves instead, we find that we begin to receive the things in life we’ve hoped for.”

Click here to listen to Darius Lux

Ed Hale

Genre: Singer/ Songwriter, Rock Pop

Singer, songwriter, rockstar, recording artist, author, activist, populist blogger, controversial YouTube star and general raconteur Ed Hale is a hard man to keep up with. Affectionately called “The Ambassador” by friends and fans the world over, Hale was originally introduced to the world at the tender age of 17 as Eddie Darling when his debut album Eddie was released. He may be best known now as the lead singer and guitarist of the popular Brit-pop/Modern Rock group ED HALE AND THE TRANSCENDENCE; or for his latest hit single “New Orleans Dreams” from his current solo album Ballad On Third Avenue.

Click here to listen to Ed Hale

Lee Abramson

Genre: Alternative, Electronica, Experimental

Despite his disability of being wheelchair-bound with ALS, Lee has managed to create music using a unique, painstaking method. Utilizing a computer and music notation software he is able to compose using one finger and a touch pad. Lee is no longer able to sing because of diminished lung capacity, but has found a way to “sing” using his own voice with the ModelTalker voice synthesizer. This technology gives Lee a bionic mouth that can speak more quickly than nature will allow, and sing impossibly high and low notes.

Click here to listen to Lee Abramson

Markeisha Ensley

Genre: Adult Contemporary, R&B, Soul

Markeisha mixes a unique blend of Motown doo-wop harmonies, pop melodies and gospel singing on her new EP, Talk to Me, a sultry selection of up-tempos and ballads on love. Smooth and sexy, the 5 songs were written by the singer as reflection on her recent travels to France and the Caribbean. “It was my first time traveling abroad and I was so affected and inspired by the French culture, people, and of course, the food,” she laughs. Recorded with her band in New York at Flux Studios (Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez, Babyface), the EP is produced by up-and-coming producer, David Amber, and will be released on Valentine’s Day, 2012.

Click here to listen to Markeisha Ensley

Miss Diamond DJ

Genre: House, Club – Mix

It’s easy to understand why Miss Diamond has been voted the #1 female DJ on both ReverbNation.com and TheDJList.com. Miss Diamond not only performs at the highest level, she also presents the Ministry of Sound DJ Academy in Switzerland. There she teaches the next generation of DJs and DJanes the cutting edge blend of sound and performance that transforms a good DJ into a great one, and a great DJ into a superstar.

Click here to listen to Miss Diamond DJ

Secret Skwirl

Genre: Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Pop Rock

Established in 2009, Secret Skwirl combined the 60’s Pop Rock sound of the Beatles and Elliot Smith, paying tribute to the music that chnged pop culture and helped share a generation, while remaining unquestionable current.

Click here to listen to Secret Skwirl


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