7″ Saturdays

By on June 30, 2012

 The Wonder Years: Won’t Be Pathetic Forever

These guys get better with each release, but if you go back through their catalogue you won’t be disappointed (i.e. their early songs weren’t crap). Won’t Be Pathetic Forever was pressed well, so you know it’ll play right. The packaging isn’t the best by any means, but the lyric sheet design makes up for it: http://nosleepsampler.com/album/wont-be-pathetic-forever

 Gold Motel: Talking Fiction EP

This has grown to become one of my very favorite 7” records I own, simply because the two tracks are so catchy. Plus, their new self-titled comes out Tuesday, so you can get through the aches of waiting with this. It’s not as summery or breezy as their other material, but if you like their debut LP Summer House you should dig this: http://goldmotel.bandcamp.com/album/talking-fiction

 Patrick Stump: Love Selfish Love/As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid

I have and always will love Patrick Stump’s voice and craftsmanship. Musically, not lyrically. I didn’t care for Soul Punk like I was hoping I would, and Truant Wave was ok if you’re in the mood for it. These were my two favorite songs off the EP though, so to have them in one spot is nice. Despite being on recycled vinyl it sounds pretty good (and just look at that artwork): http://patrickstump.bandcamp.com/

fun.: We Are Young/One Foot
A friend of mine talked me into getting this because, although it is a picture disc, it isn’t packaged like one. Meaning it’s in a normal sleeve, and not one of those flimsy clear slips that don’t protect the disc at all. It sounds great and it looks like a tree. If YOU like trees, you’ll like this. You can listen to the songs here: http://www.ournameisfun.com/music