7″ Saturdays

By on June 23, 2012

 Hot Rod Circuit: Hot Rod Circuit EP

It’s not the best sounding record I own, but it’s not unlistenable. In fact, the roughness almost works in favor of the three tracks. The color is about as energetic as the actual music. What more could you ask for? It’s typical Hot Rod Circuit: http://runforcoverrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hot-rod-circuit

 Man Overboard: Dead End Dreams

“Dead End Dreams” was one of my favorite tracks from Man Overboard’s latest, so I was excited to hear it alongside the two demos on the B-side. Considering they were demos, they both seemed fairly polished and clean. Another Rise release – you’ll have to take to the powers of Google for this one. (Rise, please step up your packaging!)

Rust Belt Lights/I Call Fives: RBL/ICF Split
I actually got this split when I ordered Mixtapes’ Hope Is For People which turned out to be out of stock. I hadn’t listened to either band much, but after the two tracks each band contributed, Rust Belt Lights has become a staple in my gym playlist and I Call Fives is my new late night “keep studying” band. http://www.facebook.com/BrokenRimRecords?sk=app_178091127385
The Gaslight Anthem: Tumbling Dice/She Loves You
This EP combines two of my favorite bands: The Gaslight Anthem and The Rolling Stones. Nobody can pull off a rock cover quite like these guys, and their rendition of “Tumbling Dice” is no exception. The packaging is durable and the art is fairly detailed. Brian’s preamble about The Rolling Stones is a fun, quick read, and the actual record sounds great. I can’t find a place to stream it, but if you like The Gaslight Anthem there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick this up.