Aaron Peta releases ‘Your Songs Have No Form’ featuring SD3 4 years after song release

By on June 3, 2014
Aaron Peta

Aaron Peta, a unique pop-rock recording artist, is releasing the video for his 2010 single “Your Songs Have No Form Feat. SD3” on June 3. It’s Peta’s first official music video, from his 2010 album “I’m Not a Hipster”.

“After much procrastinating, and careless lack of consideration I’ve finally decided to officially release this train wreck,” said Peta, now working in the largest liquor store in the country, and possibly the world. “My handlers from business managers, to producers and lawyers, have advised me not to release it for reasons including lack of focused plot and misrepresentation of my image and musical direction.”

Tom Kato, a New York City and Mumbai based experimental filmmaker from Japan, spearheaded the project. “I wanted to do something that had never been done,” Kato said. “I wanted a video as a vehicle to make fun of the artist, rather than to flatter him. I thought it would be better if people laughed at him, not with him.”

“Your Songs Have No Form” was shot on Red Cam and features nonsensical footage of colorful characters, and various interesting, but seemingly purposeless locations. Despite this, cinematographer Johnny Sousa did a fantastic job of capturing the visceral action.

“It was an ambitious shoot,” said Sousa, “yet our small crew covered a lot of locations over a few days and got some great shots and performances.”

“Your Songs Have No Form” features New York rapper Sammy Davis III rapping the bridge which is a departure from the album version. Peta said, “His line, “then it gets a little esoteric, you can’t compare it”, sums up this project.”

SD3 recalled, “The challenge was creating something that complimented the track’s complex chaotic beauty. After some back and forth, we went into the studio and banged my vocals in half a day. Hopefully, mission accomplished!”

The video was also crewed by Paloma Yglesias, Lisa Green, and Tina Quach, and features the dancing of Tenealle Farragher and Sabrina Reyes. Los Angeles filmmaker Rocco Guarino did the final reconstructive editing and coloring. He says, “I love how it’s tweaked out and strange. The Red Cam footage was so pristine that I was able to make badass edits and pull out unreal colors for the final palette.”

“Your Songs Have No Form Feat. SD3” official video will release on Youtube. The song will distribute on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beats, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

For information, visit http://aaronpeta.com.


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