Aerotronic release dark techno “Night Deconstructions Pt 1”

By on September 16, 2014

Belgium duo Aerotronic have released their newest EP, “Night Deconstructions Part 1”, a dark gem featuring an inimitable blend of funk, techno, and breakbeat elements, out now on Teenage Riot Records.

Teenage Riot Records is flinging itself into oncoming traffic in excitement for the release of “Night Deconstructions Part 1”, the new EP from Aerotronic! The Belgium boys return with that unique sound they’ve perfected time and time again. This time, its deep, dark, and deep again. “The Switch” pulsates with rolling percussion and sonorous pads. “Alter” sounds like it climbed out of a haunted computer and into the night club. “Nervous Breakdown” is the same haunted computer ghost, but this time he’s angry and the only way he can seek revenge is by having the ladies bandy their private areas about willy nilly. Who knows where part two is going to take us, but GOD DAMN we’re excited!”
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“Aerotronic is top-notch techno, rave, energy and dance-able music”

Jordi Moonen and Laurens Van Steenbergen, also known as Aerotronic, met each other at the age of seven and discovered at this very young age to share the same taste of music. A couple of years later, they decided to start experimenting with dj-ing and producing, leading to developing a passion that has been growing ever since.

Aerotronic has released their music on labels such as Teenage Riot Records, Sex Cult, and Boxon Records, and gained support from many artists including Mr Oizo, Zombie Nation, Fake Blood, and Mixhell.

Despite the fact of having the Belgian nationality, the duo is tending to have an international reputation by performing on stages across Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal and many other places.

These guys have created their own innovative original sound, with lots of energy for which Aerotronic is well-known for. Aerotronic is back and ready to conquer the dance floors and the hearts of many electronic melomaniacs.

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