Album Review: Famous Last Words – Two-Faced Charade

By on April 22, 2013

CoverRelease Date: April 30th

Label: InVogue Records

HHM Rating:

[xrr rating=7.5/10]

With their debut album, Two-Faced Charade, Famous Last Words have created a rhythmic blend of aggressive pop-punk and synthesized metalcore—a standout display of the band’s musical talent and future potential, however; this display is, at times, eclipsed by a sonically distracting case of overproduction. The album’s opener (one of its stronger tracks) “Welcome To The Show” gives a pretty good preview of what’s in store for the record’s entirety with its metalcore onslaught—backed by a symphonic doom composition, and a melodic, punk-infused chorus. The death vocals leading the metalcore segments are truly top notch and explosive in their own right; as is true for the rest on the album.

This transition from ferocious metal to pop-punk choruses  is continued, with great execution, in the more “raw” track “Victim Of The Virtuoso” unleashing a killer melodic metalcore thrashing—before being interrupted by a clouding barrage of electronic effects: an intrusive use of synth that I find present time and again on this release—as can be heard in “Legends And Legacies” a track introducing us to an excellent, intricate & distorted lead that really drives the song with conviction, but is eventually washed out by overproduced electronics.

The talent and technical skill that can be heard on Two-Faced Charade holds an artistic prominence—these guys really do have something, and have no need to hide behind an enhanced facade of overproduced glitter. Standout numbers like “Lust Of The Lost” are sure to prove that the stellar instrumental craft, passionate vocals, and the band’s marriage to melody will be the successful drivers of this release—stripping down to a more focused and cohesive synthesis of these fundamentals would have gone a long way, that being said; this is a debut full-length, and a pretty damn impressive one in that respect. I’m definitely leaving this review looking forward to hearing more from Famous Last Words in the future. @MattCrane

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