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By on August 16, 2015
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Flow Fail Prevail is the first full length album from the Indie Artist Gabe Kubanda. Three years of writing combined with his entrepreneurial drive and creativity has resulted in a diverse 15 track album. The album launched in Tempe, Arizona on the 31st of July will be followed up with his tour beginning on August 24.

The unique mix of tracks represent a truly unique artist as Kubanda is the primary driver of his many pursuits. The Washington born artist is a prolific You Tube poster, planned and kicked off his own tour, and released his own album. The first single off the new album “Don’t Be Lying” is also accompanied by his first ever real music video and features himself at times as a hologram.

The tracks on the album run the gamut of styles and “Crawl” itself even appears twice in different forms. The Kris Essig Remix kicks off the collection as the first track and adds an almost futuristic feel to the “Crawl” track that follows in more acoustic form. The Remix track with its club style feel takes nothing away from Kubanda’s amazing vocal range, and is an interesting transition into “Crawl” with the acoustic sound that feels more intimate.

“Elements” is one of the most intriguing tracks. Speaking of fire as one of the ancient elements and something we will never figure out or control and Kubanda’s guitar is haunting and his voice sincere. The reality of all of our advancement in technology and knowledge of the world around us will ever be enough to learn everything, and many times we just turn and run from it. We must accept that we get burned, fail, and perhaps the next choice you make may be to just turn and run.

Lying to others happens, but when we lie to ourselves we are only holding ourselves back, and in his first single. “Don’t Be Lying” looks at the good and bad of lying to ourselves. The rhythm of his guitar and the catchy feel of the song may drive the title into your head causing the dreaded ear worm, but what better message to have repeated in your psyche.




What are we missing by living in fear and what aspects of life would be so much better if we just lived by the simple rules. Kubanda looks back at his life when it was a simpler frame of mind, one when we didn’t fret and fear of things like sharp edges on countertops. His reflection on what his own Mother’s prayer of whether he would find his way and remember those early life lessons, may be the key for each of us to overcome living in a world so paralyzed by fear. This track may well represent the fail and prevail aspect of the album and states the sometimes in order to go forward we must first back up.

“To Be Continued” provides insight into the the personal side of the artist’s life. The track consists solely of the voices of friends, fans, and business associates in a series of recordings strung together along with a quiet musical backtrack. The track almost feels as you are intruding into someones life, yet you are unable to not listen and may in fact illustrate the very nature of our own human behavior.

The little things in life mean so much in the big picture of life, and on “What Its Worth” the album takes yet another turn with another unique sound. Bad things happen, we get broke, we get hurt, and yet the sun still rises for another day, and get easier with time. For all the hurt and seemingly feeling as though you might never break out of the rut, this track will pull you out of any funk with the finger snapping and groove busting sound. The “little things that keep us alive”, is the message and Kubanda has a winner in this one with a song so infectious it cannot miss.

Flow, Fail, Prevail is full circle and spot on for the numerous areas in all our lives. His music flows, he won’t fail, and this album along with his talent will prevail.

From the Gabe Kubanda website:

Flow: that sweet spot, the height of efficiency, progress and emotional happiness

Fail: the complete and utter falling on your face

Prevail: beating the odds, no matter what life throws at you, getting back up, pushing through to get back to that Flow.

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