Album Review: Jimmy Eat World – Damage

By on June 8, 2013

jimmyDamage_zps4501fb26Released: June 11, 2013

Label: RCA

HHM Rating:

[xrr rating=5/5]

As frontman Jim Adkins goes down in flames—on The Hindenburg of forsaken romance—Jimmy Eat World’s eighth LP spins a track-by-track catharsis of lovelorn rue and infidelity. The vulnerable, heartbreak-eye-opener “Appreciation,” leaves weak knees long before its gritty rhythm churns to a close—and that’s just the start of a gut-wrenching, ten-track (somewhat intrusive) journey through each intimate phase of Adkins’ breakup anguish. “Either you’re just bad at cheating/Or there’s something in your heart you wished I knew,” the singer unstably croons (almost short of breath) on “You Were Good” before a defeated, voice-cracking admission of “I believed you all along.” When backed with urgent riffing, the damaged frontman plays on some familiar self-deception (“I Will Steal You Back”)—where his lines of “We’ll take on so much pain to feel secure/Not feel anything,” are about as hopelessly assuring as why he’s not crazy, cause’ he “takes the right pills, every day.” There’s no soul-searching or Invented grandiosity, as Damage remains grounded—inwardly focused on the end of one relationship: a fate for Adkins that’ll leave you feeling Jack Dawson got off easy. @MattCrane

Damage can be streamed below and is available for pre-order on iTunes today.