Album Review: The Mark We Leave Behind by The Escape

By on August 16, 2015

Beginning with NO and ending with YES sums up the latest EP release from Philadelphia based, alternative rock band The Escape. The Escape return with their first EP since 2013 and The Mark We Leave Behind is everything you want in your headphones, vehicle bubble, or Friday night at 5:00 pm neighborhood block party. Erase the corporate or personal struggle, office politics, double shift, or overtime with a lawn chair and six tracks from the pack of four that gets it.

The Mark We Leave Behind boasts a balance of lyrics and tempo that allows you to bash the steering wheel at the light then belt it vocals at full speed down the interstate. “Soon Forgotten is the first single off the album is definitely not going to be forgotten. This track will speak to every hardworking person who has ever felt like all they do is get up and spend all their days on the treadmill of work, only to realize that if we do not slow down it life will be over. The message may be a warning to all to wake up and prioritize our lives or face being just another forgotten person with no legacy. “Soon Forgotten will not be forgotten and the song should garner plenty of airplay.


“What Happened To Us” looks at the relationship and the baffling time when it becomes something we no longer understand. The realization of what holds us back screams out in Underwater and suddenly…clarity. Underwater wakes the sleeping, drowning giant to take charge and rise above surface, leap out, and point back at the one whose reign is over.

The second half of the EP tracks “Two Steps Forward”, “Living in a Dream”, “Waiting” round out the struggle, strength, and power that we all face in life. Each track has tight, crisp drums and guitars along with empowering vocals and lyrics that speak the truth while pointing the way to the door of success. The lyrics represent the daily life of so many and clearly show how The Escape deals with challenges with the tools music has to offer.

For the No and Yes, “Soon Forgotten” will not be and “Waiting” is what you may find yourself doing with great anticipation for more from the quartet from Philly. The music is emotion without being emotional and angry without being mad. Many if not all the tracks will strike a chord with everyone, and The Mark We Leave Behind may very well be on you.



01: Soon Forgotten

02: What Happened to Us

03: Underwater

04: Two Steps Forward

05: Living In a Dream

06: Waiting


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