Album Review: Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence

By on June 21, 2013

1234Released: June 25, 2013

Label: No Sleep Records

HHM Rating:

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

On their second LP, Mixtapes blend distortion-heavy pop punk with a sense of lethargy. “Now it’s all built up, and the houses look the same/But honestly, I think that’s okay,” singer/guitarist Ryan Rockwell candidly croons on “Gravel”—the sort of lyrical apathy that leaves Ordinary Silence feeling devoid of any real, emotional conviction: he doesn’t seem to care much either way; why should we? The band have their moments with female-fronted spunk (“Cheapness”) and Rockwell-Weaver harmonies (“C.C.S.”)—but the melodies never really click, and the vocal indifference persists, “at least, most of the time.” @MattCrane

Ordinary Silence is available for pre-order today.