Album Review: Skillet – Rise

By on June 21, 2013

skillet_rise_cover_art_0Released: June 25, 2013

Label: Atlantic

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[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Skillet’s new album Rise is a twelve track album that tells a story of a teen transitioning into adulthood, while making this transition the teen finds his way to faith while living in the chaotic world we live in today. The record starts out with a very fast pace track also titled “Rise” this track talks of many of the problems in the world; using news broadcasting to close the song, speaking of high unemployment rates, murder and abuse. “Rise in Revolution” is repeated by a chorus of children affirming that this album was created to convey a very serious message. The next track is the, previously released, single off of the new album titled “Sick of It,” in this song, frontman John Cooper emits the lyrics “No one can make this better, take control it’s now or never.” What is great about Skillet, is even if you are not typically a fan of the Christian rock genre, their lyrics can relate to many different situations. Skip ahead a few tracks to “Circus For A Psycho” with Auto-Tune vocals of drummer Jen Ledger and dueling guitar riffs of Korey Cooper and Seth Morrison.

“Fire And Fury” is a slower paced duet of frontman John Cooper and drummer/vocalist Jen Ledger, which may remind you a lot of “Hero,” off of Skillet’s previous album Awake. “Hard To Find” keeps the slower-paced tempo but still speaks of the troubles going on around us all, and how finding God has given this teen a reason to believe things can change, and that you can find “light in the darkness”. Finishing out this album is the track “What I Believe,” where the teen has finished the transition and has found God, stating “You are what I believe, I’ll live and die for you, this is all that I need, when nothing is real, you are my truth.” Referred to as a “rock opera,” Rise definitely shows another dimension of Christian rock band Skillet and has a great message hidden in every song. Be sure to catch Skillet on this year’s Carnival Of Madness Tour with bands Shinedown, Papa Roach, In This Moment, and We As Human. @xharley_quinn

Rise is available for pre-order today.