Album Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

By on April 15, 2013

1acfde93Released: April 16, 2013

Label: Interscope Records

HHM Rating:

[xrr rating=8/10]

Opening with its lead single “Sacrilege,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs long-awaited album Mosquito does appear quite worth the wait—the song’s dark vibe is spot on—singer Karen O spits a feisty vocal delivery, and a soul-packed climax leaves the bar set high for this album. Following the ambient transition of “Subway,” the album’s title track “Mosquito” (a personal favorite) maintains the early vibrancy of the release—experimenting with “tribal” percussion—and really picking up the tempo rhythmically.The album is not without its faults: introducing us to the tracks “Area 52” and “Always” the former, while catchy, strikes as a sonically jumbled Courtney Love arcade theme of sorts; the latter being just flat out annoying and repetitive.

That being said, there is far more good to Mosquito than there is bad: “Slave”—with a great contrast of dark riffing and vocal innocence—is a standout, as is the upbeat, indie composition of “Despair.” As a whole, the record is very diverse over span; not conceptually bound—instrumentally experimental at times and more melodic at others—darker toned at times, and more upbeat at others. Karen O is absolutely on point with her vocals: elegant, entrancing, emotive and all laced with that attitude fans have come to love. I don’t see this release being particularly radio friendly but definitely pleasing to core fans. You can pre-order your copy of Mosquito today, and be sure to checkout the video for “Sacrilege” below.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM