Albums you may have missed, day 10

By on January 11, 2013

2011: The White Stripes, LCD Soundsystem, Alexisonfire, The Academy Is…, Rx Bandits and Thrice, R.I.P. Also, this is the last year I’ll be covering, so I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even checked out some of the bands out for the first time, or revisited the albums you hadn’t heard in a while. 

TancredTancred: Capes

I liked Now, Now’s first album, but adding Jess Abbott to their line-up was one of the smartest things they’ve done. This is one of her solo ventures. The production is ok, but any wavering is easily overlooked as it’s pretty much acoustic the whole way through. Capes shows off her songwriting chops in the best way.

The Front BottomsThe Front Bottoms: Self-titled

Some bands offer up pretty intimate looks into their lives through their music. This band writes in a way that is, at times, painfully honest. But it always stays catchy and singable, relatable and exciting. The rhythms are a bit off kilter sometimes, and yet they always seem to flow perfectly.

Junior BattlesJunior Battles: Idle Ages 

This is the sort of pop-punk that’s rough around the edges, energetic, full of gang vocals and chugging riffs. Sometimes it’s mellow (“With Honours”), and sometimes it’s dark (“Send The Pilots Away”), but it’s always worthy of an obnoxiously loud sing-along and air drum session in the car.

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Alisha Kirby – HHM