Albums you may have missed, day 6

By on January 7, 2013

After yesterdays technical difficulties we’re back. 2007 was like the year of women (and I don’t mean in the political way) – globally, the top three albums came from Avril Lavinge, Carrie Underwood and Amy Whinehouse respectively. Here are some bands that held it down for the guys:

Self Against CitySelf Against City: Telling Secrets to Strangers

This is the type of band that gives me a sense of west coast pride (as most of my favorite bands are from back east). Their sunny, infectious pop-punk is nothing short of wonderful. The LP managed to maintain a bit of the edge from their EP, but the production was just a bit cleaner. Their breakup was a real shame.

Bedlight for Blue EyesBedlight for Blue Eyes: Life On Life’s Terms

Speaking of great bands breaking up. Daniel Rinaldi’s vocals are unreal in how well they blend with the music and, compared to the band’s older material, the instruments seem more cohesive across the board. This is the sort of album that’s accessible to anyone with ears. 

Evans BlueEvans Blue: The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal of Life Ends 

I found this band on accident in a record store in San Diego and I never looked back. This was the last release before switching vocalists, and it would seem songwriters. The guitars are heavy, the lyrics are heavy, and the overall delivery of both leaves an undeniable weight in your chest. 

Until next time,

Alisha Kirby – HHM