Alesana Premiere New Single “Fatima Rusalka”

By on December 13, 2013

Alesana is proud to premiere the new single Fatima Rusalka on Head there now for the official stream and artwork. The song, which will be available on 12/24/13 via Revival Recordings, is a progression of the band’s conceptual trilogy and serves as a bridge to their forthcoming full-length.


Recorded at Adelaide Recording Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina, the song was produced by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Shawn Milke and engineered by Neil Engle, who is known for his work with Dance Gavin Dance and Johnny Craig. Performing guest vocals on the track is Josh Grosscup of Megosh, who appears courtesy of Revival Recordings.


“We are proud and elated to announce the upcoming release of our brand new single Fatima Rusalka,” says guitarist/vocalist Shawn Milke. “For those of you who follow our trilogy storyline you will be happy to know that this song bridges the gap between A Place Where The Sun Is Silent and our forthcoming full length, setting the stage for an explosive and twisted conclusion. We are beyond excited to be releasing this song on our new label Revival Recordings. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces in 2014 and, as always, we thank you for years and years of love and support.  There was only one.  There was only her.  Fatima Rusalka.”


The band will be performing the song live on their upcoming US headlining tour in March of 2014.



Moments before stepping out onto the stage at a sold out show in Helsinki, Finland, Alesana, comprised of frontman/vocalist Dennis Lee, vocalist/guitarist Shawn Milke, guitarist Patrick Thompson, drummer Jeremy Bryan, bassist Shane Crump, and guitarist Jake Campbell, take a moment to reflect on the last five years.  “Remember our first practice space?” asks a nostalgic Dennis. “Look how far we have come.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m about to rock the faces off a bunch of Finnish kids. Let’s do this!”   Always in high spirits and accustomed to playing their hearts out every night, Alesana is living proof that hard work and dedication to fans can go a long, long way.


Newly inked to Raleigh based Revival Recordings, the band is slated to release a new single during the Christmas season of 2013, following that up with an EP, a full length, and both domestic and international touring in 2014.  The new single entitled Fatima Rusalka, progresses the band’s conceptual trilogy and serves as a bridge to their forthcoming full length release, the final piece of a three-part story.  The song does what can only be expected of the pop-metal sextet which is to draw from past influences while incorporating new possibilities, dynamics, and sonic exploration.


The band’s debut full length record On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, a follow up to their Tragic Hero Records 2005 EP release Try This With Your Eyes Closed, reached fans in 2006.  The album, produced and recorded by Kit Walters, is built around a dynamic, emotionally charged, three guitar attack.  “We’re all about dynamics, both musically and vocally,” says vocalist/guitarist Shawn Milke about why the band elected to employ three guitarists.  “We try not to be like anyone else or to be something we are not. By having six members we are able to pull off the same guitar and vocal harmonies in a live setting that we have on the record.”  A complex story-telling lyrical style is what listeners can expect to find all throughout On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax.  “Shawn and I write all of our lyrics together, completely 50/50,” says Dennis. “We like to tell stories from two different perspectives in every song, constantly intertwining both points of view. It creates an almost ‘stream of conscience’ effect where its hard to tell where one side ends and the other begins.”


Alesana’s sophomore release, Where Myth Fades To Legend, found the band in the studio with producer Steve Evetts (Senses Fail, Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan).  “It was definitely fun making the record with a big time producer,” remembers Shane.  “It felt like the next big step for our band.”  Spending the first three months of 2008 in Southern California, Alesana completed a record that showcased the band’s more aggressive, unforgiving side.  “Myth is a lot faster and straight ahead than our first record,” says Shawn.  “It never lets up.  The songs are pretty relentless as far as the mood is concerned.  We wanted to make a record that leaves you breathless at the end, almost as if you had been running for 45 minutes and hadn’t realized.”  Influenced heavily by the fairy tale stories of the Brothers Grimm, Alesana stayed true to their lyrical style by basing the majority of their songs on some of their favorite old tales.  “Our most loyal fans definitely enjoyed how our songs on the first record drew influence from Greek mythology,” recalls Dennis.  “We had decided early on in our existence to always bring story life to our songs and at the time we were working on Myth, both Shawn and I were very into ancient fairy tales.  It felt like the best fit with the direction the music was going.”  To date, Alesana has sold over 140,000 copies worldwide of On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax and Where Myth Fades To Legend.



Expect the unexpected in every way possible when experiencing the band’s third and most important release.  Known for their ability to weave a story into their music, the band’s third and finest effort, The Emptiness, produced by Kris Crummett, finds the pop-metal sextet at their very best and most creative.  “Ever since day one Dennis and I have wanted to write our own story,” says Shawn.  “Having always incorporated story telling into our music, we felt that the third record was the perfect opportunity to do just that.”  The record, which is packaged with a 13-page short story of the same name, blends together perfectly the distinctive Alesana sound with a new maturity and ferocity that will have peers, critics, and fans alike turning their heads.  Polished with much of the same dynamic that made their debut full length, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, a fresh and addictive success, The Emptiness offers hooks that are impossible to forget while still maintaining the metal edge that completes the unique sound of the band.  Always looking to expand and grow their musical prowess, Alesana has incorporated a live string quartet into the mix, thanks to the compositions and arrangements of vocalist/guitarist Shawn Milke and the stellar performance of the Portland Muse Chamber Ensemble.  “I have always wanted to compose a string quartet arrangement for our music,” says Shawn.  “With this record being a whole story experience, and with the growth of our music, it definitely felt like the right time, the perfect time, to include live strings.”  The Emptiness offers the listener a true experience that stretches beyond the expected nuances of a rock record.  The included short story, artwork, and lyrical diary entries move along with the music creating an almost theatrical-like experience.  “This is much more than just a record for us, and hopefully the fans as well,” says Shawn.  “It is an adventure, much like seeing a Broadway play.  Read the story, listen to the music, get lost in the art sketches.  Enjoy it on every level possible.  We have never had this much fun doing a project, ever.”  The Emptiness hits store shelves January 26th, 2010 courtesy of Fearless Records.


Forming in November of 2004, Alesana has always focused a great deal of their attention on having an energetic and memorable live show. The raw, honest intensity of the band’s performance on stage has played a huge role in expanding and maintaining their popularity over the last five years. “Our music is always fun,” says drummer Jeremy Bryan. “There isn’t a single night on tour that I don’t have a blast on stage. We give everything we have each and every night and it is a great feeling to see that same energy increasingly coming back from the crowd everywhere we go.”  Having completed tours with Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, A Skylit Drive, Chiodos, Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Bayside, Mayday Parade, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Fear Before The March of Flames, the band is ready to continue hitting the road hard and strong, commencing on a US headlining tour at the start of 2014.


The Alesana love has spread all over the world. The band did their first ever Mexican tour in October 2006 and played to the largest, craziest crowds in the bands then brief history. “It felt like a dream when we were there,” says guitarist Patrick Thompson. “I was in total disbelief of what was happening. The Mexican fans are so passionate and truly excited that I found myself forgetting that it was even us they were screaming for.” Upon arriving at shows the band had to be escorted by security to avoid being swarmed by the hundreds of fans waiting in line nearly six hours before the doors had opened for the show.  Word must have spread throughout the world because Alesana now experiences similar responses while headlining shows in South America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.  “Playing for our international fans feels like I’m floating on a cloud,” says Shawn.  “It’s a vacation around the world and we get to play our music for fans the whole time.  I’ve seen places that I thought I would only read about in books or see on a movie screen.”


With the creativity of their lyrics, the passion of their music, and the energy of their live show, there is no doubt that Alesana will fight its way into your stereos and into your hearts.

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