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By on December 17, 2011

The holidays are right around the corner and we’d like to take the time to thank you all for your incredible support and efforts put in over the last year. We couldn’t do what we do without you! And in the holiday spirit, this week’s issue will showcase 16 holiday-themed songs for you to use in your podcasts, radio stations and/ or blogs!

Give the Gift of Love this holiday season with Elle B Willson’s GIFT OF LOVE CD Holiday Greeting Card
Elle B Willson’s Gift of Love combines the adult-contemporary and adult-alternative pop of Sarah McLachlan, Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow with the sweeping orchestral arrangements that make classic holiday songs a warm and unique experience.

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AND here is even more great music for all of your Holiday playlists and blog features! Reviews for each song have been included below and you can download the MP3s, bios and images for these songs here:

If You Like:

Rockin’ blues songs: Randy Scott

Electronic songs: Lee Ambramson

Classic: Irene Nachreiner, The Jellybeans

Classic Instrumental: Invincible Czars

Pop: Greg Lato

Singer/Songwriters: Soulpajamas, Don Campbell, JJ’s Tunes & Tales, Vincent Poag

Celtic/Folk: Ken and Lisa Theriot, Larry John McNally

Randy Scott – “Sugar Daddy Santa Claus” – Review by Rhonda Readance
If you’re looking for a good dancing song this Holiday Season, Randy Scott’s “Sugar Daddy Santa Claus” is it. With screaming guitar work and a rockabilly swing vibe, this track is full of energy, humor and a killer sound. Blues, jazz and swing all make an appearance during this piece and the composition is exceptional. Want to liven up a Holiday party? Turn up the volume, clear the dance floor, and crank “Sugar Daddy Santa Claus.”!/RandyScottMusic

Ken and Lisa Theriot’s –

Christmas album ‘The Gifts of Midwinter’ is a harmonious and original album that should stand out from the crowd at Christmas with timeless and medieval themes. With songs as‘Cantigue de Noel’, ‘Drink to the Holly Berry’ and ‘Lully Lully’, it is definitely a Christmas album that stands out.

All mp3s, images, bios can be downloaded here:

JJ’s Tunes & Tales – “Twas the night before Christmas” – Review by Andrew Greenhalgh
Every parent has inevitably had the privilege of sitting and reading through the classic tale of Santa on Christmas Eve. But what if you didn’t have to read it but could let your kids listen to it set to music instead? That’s just what JJ’s Tunes & Tales has done with that story of old, placing “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” into a far more contemporary setting. With solid vocals and a soundscape that kids will enjoy, it’s a great way to reintroduce this wonderful story to all.

Soulpajamas – “In the Air at Christmas” – Review by Andrew Greenhalgh
Christmas seems to be the one time where listeners allow the wall to come down on some of their musical prejudices and allow some sounds of old to float along the airwaves. With their warm holiday tune, “In The Air At Christmas,” the duo Soulpajamas plays right into this setting. With a sound reminiscent of The Carpenters, the tandem showcase subtle percussion, gentle guitar, and lyric-focused vocals that are bound to warm some hearts with their soulful delivery.

Irene Nachreiner – “The Babe of Bethlehem” – Review by Dan MacIntosh
This Christmas song is like a soft anthem. While it features a subdued trumpet fanfare, it nevertheless gives off the feel of an important announcement. This announcement, of course, is the birth of Jesus. Nachreiner’s vocal is understated, while a piano part underpins the track from start to finish. At certain points, Nachreiner’s vocal is doubled with a harmony.

Irene Nachreiner – “Sing We Now of Christmas/Noel Nouvelet” – Review by Dan MacIntosh
This track begins with an acoustic guitar intro that borrows the melody to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” The lyrical language vacillates back and forth between French and English. The arrangement is semi-classical, with a violin solo and chamber music-like accompaniment. The vocal is sincere and understated. It’s a quiet, lovely Christmas song. It also has a folk feel to it as well. Additionally, it may make for a fine sing-along, for those that are bilingual.

Irene Nachreiner – “Sweet Baby Jesus” – Review by dan MacIntosh
This Christmas song takes the melody for the hymn “Morning Has Broken,” and puts it to the story of Jesus’ birth. Irene Nachreiner sings the lyric with a jazzy, yet restrained, vocal. It’s primarily a piano-based arrangement, with just the hint of strings and slight percussion. There is also harp and bell coloring, as well. It has the quiet feel of a lullaby, and is quite comforting.

Larry John McNally – “Irish Christmas” – Review by Andrew Greenhalgh
Somber and poignant, “Irish Christmas” by Larry John McNally showcases a low-key barroom weeper for the holidays. With mournful vocals accompanied by lovely harmony backgrounds, McNally brings a powerful contrast to the bright and cheery, reminding listeners of the darker side of the holidays as well. Ultimately bittersweet, it’s a bitter pill to swallow but is one that all too many will identify this Christmas season.

The Invincible Czars – “The Nutcracker, Russian Dance”- Review by Wildy Haskell
The Invincible Czars are an inspiring tour de force in their rock and roll interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s “Russian Dance” from The Nutcracker Suite. Think Mannheim Steamroller with a bit of Joe Satriani thrown in for good measure. The Invisible Czars even manage to incorporate “Sleigh Ride” into the mix in a seamless transition that’s hard to imagine and yet works perfectly in the setting. This is joyful, inspired madness for the holidays.

The Jellybeans – “Celebrate Gods Love” – Review by Wildy Haskell
“Celebrate God’s Love” is a joyful ode to the true meaning of Christmas, sung by a charming if not always together ensemble of young women. The spirit and earnestness of their performance is all you need to hear, however, harkening back to the days of junior high chorus where every parent has a gleam of pride in their eye. The spirit of the season runs over here.

Don Campbell – “ Christmas Lights” – Review by Andrew Greenhalgh
When did Josh Turner cut a Christmas track? Okay, so maybe Don Campbell doesn’t deliver notes quite as low as Turner but his “Christmas Lights” offers up a lovely country package of Christmas warmth. With acoustic guitar leading and soulful fiddle filling the gaps, Campbell brings to bear a song that will melt the heart and please the ears.

Jane McGuffin – “Sing a Song About Christmas” – Review by Matthew Forss
The slow, piano playing and symphonic strings signify a heavenly, musical environment with all the bells (literally) and whistles of the holiday. Jane’s voice is accompanied by some back-up singers at certain points. The effect of vocals and piano is reminiscent of a Celtic Woman number. The angelic overtones are not too overdone. Overall, the song’s slow melody is a little more playful than Enya’s typical melodies.

Lee Abramson – “Have Ur Selph A M3rry Lil Xmas” – Review by Rhonda Readence
Lee Abramson has summed up the advancing technological era with his computer driven song “Have ur selph a m3rry lil xmas.” If your computer could wish you a merry Christmas, this is no doubt what it would sound like. While this is not your average Holiday song, Abramson makes it sound joyous and festive, in the best computer-driven way. With more and more of our time consumed by all things technical, this track seems to have a bit of irony attached to it. Have someone on your shopping list that enjoys electronic devices? This is the perfect song for them.

Kilian MacGeraghty – “This Holiday” – Review by Andrea Guy
This Holiday is an ethereal offering. The arrangement has a very airy quality that transports the listener to another realm. Killian’s vocal is haunting as he sings “To be loved, to be wanted.” This isn’t your traditional holiday song, but it does have a theme we are all familiar with—the need to be loved during the holiday season.!/Macgeraghty

Greg Lato – “Merry Christmas Mood” – Review by Independent Artist Buzz
Greg Lato’s christmas song Merry Christmas Mood combines a modern ‘indie pop’ feel with a more classic Christmas music topic; discovering all of the signs that tell us the holiday season is quickly approaching.

Vincent Poag – ‘This Christmas’ – Review by Independent Artist Buzz

Vincent Poag’s new single ‘This Christmas’ is reminiscent of the warmth found in classic christmas standards, but the shot of Tom Waits found in Poag’s vocals transports Christmas from the living room to a smokey jazz hall.

Ken and Lisa Theriot’s – ‘The Gifts of Midwinter’ – Review by Independent Artist Buzz

‘The Gifts of Midwinter’ by Ken and Lisa Theriot is a serene, celtic-folk celebration of Christmas.
In 1988 when Ken Theriot married Lisa and became involved in the medieval re-creation group she was a member of called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Lisa had been playing folk music as part of her activity in the SCA, and since Ken was a musician too, he began learning some of the songs that were popular. Still known in renaissance fair communities, this couple continues to make beautiful music together.


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