Ariel Publicity Newsletter #205: September 11th Tribute

By on September 1, 2011

Newsletter #205
Hello from Ariel!
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1. Cyber PR September 11th Tribute

Cyber PR September 11th Tribute

September 11, 2011 will be the 10th year anniversary of the devastating attacks, and everyone has their own way to commemorate this day in history. This special edition of Precleared & Podsafe highlights how our Cyber PR artists express their remembrance for September 11, 2011 through their music, stories, and thoughts

Marilyn Carino –
I have always hated war, my parents and I would fight bitterly over the moralities used to justify killing, always “in the name of”.. whatever. For myself, and many New Yorkers, 9/11 solidified our opposition to war under any circumstance. We who were covered in gray industrial powder, felt the heat of the flames, heard the crashing of steel, watched the desperate and afraid fall from the sky, for weeks we smelled that smell, that.. smell.. and knew we could never inflict that on anyone, for any reason.

So, what’s my answer? All I can call it is “hope”. And, I don’t mean some passive, new-agey. We-channel version. Hope that comes from the hard work of compassion, of taking personal responsibility, of patience. From a world-view that sees no one else as outside your tribe. And I think most importantly, from knowing we are always able to change how we feel, not succumb to our own dark nature; that tells us to hate each other, to hate ourselves.

Rod Clemmons –
On that day I lived on west 52nd street in Manhattan. I was married at the time. I have a severe visual disability, but I do have a very small amount of vision. I remember waking up that morning, a Tuesday morning. I remember it was a very bright crystal clear sunny day. We woke up about ten minutes to nine that morning, and I noticed how very quiet it was outside. On 52nd street was a farmer’s market, Radio City Station Post Office, a school, several office buildings, etc, with lots of delivery trucks usually going by, but not that morning. I wondered if it was some kind of holiday I had forgotten about. The day before was just another day, and the night before was another night or so we thought. Everybody cared about the latest hit song whatever it was, the latest movie, the latest fashion, the newest Broadway show, where to have dinner, where to have drinks, where to go, what to do, and then the unthinkable that would change our lives, our hearts, our priorities forever.

Suddenly none of those things mattered any more. In minutes Manhattan was no longer the “hard cold city” it was thought to be. When I went outside that morning hundreds of people were just standing all up and down ninth ave. in total shock, hugging, crying, reaching out to absolute strangers asking if you were ok and if you knew anyone who worked or lived in that area. There were to hospitals right around the corner from me and hundreds of people were lined up ready to give blood, ready to give anything to help. I had several friends who had just gotten jobs in the World Trade Center towers. One tried her best to get herself together to go to her new job but she was coming down with a virus and just couldn’t make it. She called in sick and went back to sleep only to wake up a few hours later to find out that most of the people in her work place were lost. Another friend was held up in traffic and was so upset because she was going to be late for her new job of two weeks in the World Trade Center, only to hear the news on the radio in her cab. Still another friend who worked for a major record label was driving to work and heard what happened. He immediately turned around and drove down to the World Trade Center to try to help. He jumped out of his car and raced to the site to try to catch people who were jumping out of the building to escape the flames. I had friends who had just gotten married two days before and spent their wedding night in a hotel very close to the towers. The next day, Monday, September 10th they left the hotel. Tuesday, September 11th the hotel was destroyed.

It was the most horrific day anyone in this country has ever experienced on our own soil at least in our generation, but it revealed who people really are when it is a deadly serious moment in time. People gave their blood, their food, their money, and even their lives to help others. It was a bright, clear, sunny day in Manhattan September 11th, 2001.

Featured Music:
Matt Andersen – Going Home –

Eric Garcia – Peace From Within & People Get Ready –

Jenn Bostic – Jealous of the Angels –

Parents With Angst – Light A Candle –
We were in Manhattan on September 11th. We wrote light a candle on Sept. 11th after watching hundreds of people walking up Broadway with candles. We then went down to the World Trade Center and gave the song away for free to all the fireman and policemen we could find and went to firehouses.

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Jenn Bostic – Jealous of the Angels –


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