Ariel Publicity Newsletter #206: Tugun Cannon releases “The American Way” on September 11th

By on September 7, 2011

Newsletter #206
Hello from Ariel!
In This Week’s Issue:

1. Tugun Cannon releases “The American Way” on September 11th

Tugun Cannon releases “The American Way” on September 11th

Tugun Cannon
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B

Tugun is on the brink of releasing his official debut album, The American Way. Kicked off by the single and video “Bout My Business” produced by Ben McCrary, the album is a culmination of all the things that he’s been through in his life. “The American Way is the little people speaking to the big people,” he says. “This is David’s way of getting Goliath’s attention and letting him know ‘you about to get slayed’.” The album artwork, which features an upside down U.S.A. flag and the title of the album spelled backwards only tell part of the story. But don’t get it twisted, Tugun is not in the game to preach, “My music is thought provoking without beating the listener over the head with a message I do it in a way that if a kid was about to go do something stupid, he might think twice about it if he was listening to my music because he or she can hear me share my experiences of being in the same position.”
As the first in a trilogy of “America” themed albums, Tugun has just begun shooting game and knowledge to the masses. Tugun will be releasing his album on September 11th

The American Way Album Release Party

September 10, 2011 – 7pm – 11pm

Chicago, IL 60605
Info: 773-324-8666

September 11, 2011 will be the 10th year anniversary of the devastating attacks, and everyone has their own way to commemorate this day in history. Cyber PR artists express their remembrance for September 11, 2011 through their music, stories, and thoughts. Download music, images, and stories here:


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