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By on September 3, 2011


The Ladies Of Sport


Alternative, Indie-Pop, Alternative Pop
Brooklyn, NY
Gorillaz, Beck, Cake, The Postal Service, Radiohead
What would it sound like if Beck baked a Cake with Gorillaz? Find out here @ladiesofsport


“The Ladies of Sport’s ‘Empires Fall’ is an outstanding record…The world needs to hear this music.”
John Forte

“I have come to refer to the sounds of The Ladies of Sport as some of the best aural sex available. Their tunes will nestle in your brain in a way that redefines what pop music SHOULD, not could, be. Clean aesthetics, catchy, and classic.”

Kat Ryn,

The Ladies of Sport are easily one of the finest underground groups I’ve ever heard. Well written lyrics, extremely memorable hooks, and ultra-cool instrumentation make this group a hard band not to like right away. Slightly reminiscent of Radiohead and classic trip hop groups of the 90’s, although at the end of the day their sound is uniquely their own. Personal favorites from Empires Fall include ‘The Product’ and ‘Slipslide’.

Camden Ray Chamberlain,

“Ba Da, Ba Da Ba Ba. I can’t get it out of my head.”

About The Ladies Of Sport

One February New York City evening, two sisters newly moved from Los Angeles sought escape from the blustering 2°F chill. Ann and Mary Kohatsu happened to stumble into The Library, a Lower East Side dive bar, where Rich DeCicco just happened to be drinking. East coast man next door meets striking Japanese twin ladies, forever changing each other’s lives. This unlikely trio of musicians forms the Brooklyn-based alt-pop band, The Ladies of Sport.
The band’s debut album Empires Fall launched in February of 2009. Subtle grooves support this record packed with catchy songs. Starting in May 2011, new singles released by The Ladies of Sport juxtapose elements of their old sound with added edge. With more organic elements like acoustic guitar and live drums, the latest tracks are more aggressive and biting, yet still melodic
and catchy.

Lead singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Rich DeCicco’s divulges, “I’ve spent a lot of my early 30s thinking about mortality. Many of the lyrics in the new singles build from Buddhist ideas on impermanence and desire. I practice Vipassana meditation, which is mostly about clearing the mind…it helps me to let go and enjoy the creative process for what it is, without worrying about the end product. It’s about getting over things you can’t control…the grasping at stuff and trying to hold it to you when it’s all going to be gone and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
The new single, Bridge to Brooklyn, echoes this sentiment, observing how the city offers amazing opportunities yet can slowly steal the life from you. Another track, Irish Brothers speaks to conflicting feelings about his closeness to his siblings, yet still feeling like an outsider.
He was the favorite/Everyone knows
Too big for this world/Too big for his clothes
Frank as a murder/Strongly opposed
And me a black jellybean always on retreat
A beggar in a world of kings and queens
Observing ecstasy
– “Irish Brothers”

All of The Ladies of Sport releases are available on iTunes and at, with the latter hosting exclusive B-Sides and instrumental versions. The band members are always busy writing and recording, and fans who follow the band on Facebook and Twitter can keep up to date with their new releases.
The Ladies of Sport are all products of musical parents. Rich’s parents knew it was time to buy a drumset when at age 4, he ruined their pots and pans. Mary and Ann’s father worked for Yamaha demonstrating early model synthesizers, and their mother sang and played drums. As children the twin’s parents forced them to improvise on musical instruments, a practice they resented, but now an asset for their roles in The Ladies of Sport.
Growing up on opposite coasts, they all developed into very different souls. Rich is tempestuous and prone to anger while the twins are graceful and patient. Their songs reflect these differences, contributing to the great depth shown by The Ladies of Sport.


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