Artifex Pereo ‘Time In Place’ review (Tooth & Nail Records)

By on May 18, 2014

Artifex-Pereo-Time-In-Place-coverArtifex Pereo Time In Place

Release Date: May 27, 2014

Label: Tooth & Nail Records

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Sure, you can say Artifex Pereo have some similarities to others bands (Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Pierce The Veil, Circa Survive) I will give you that. That is simply due to the experimental nature of their writing. I have listened to Time In Place several times cover to cover and it wouldn’t be fair at all to compare this record to any other bands efforts. This album is fresh and quite boundary pushing. From track to track you’re intermingled between genres touching on key aspects that they all have to offer. The song structure may not always play by the rules but the songs flow eloquently with all the build and hooks in all the right places. There is fine a line between neat and tidy and a musical clusterfuck, what Artifex Pereo is able to do deliver unpredictable writing and vocals in such a way that makes absolute perfect sense.

Lucas Worley, damn, just damn. If you don’t instantly connect and get sucked in by this dudes vocals, IMMEDIATELY carry your ass to an Otolaryngologist because there is definitely a problem. Right out of the gate ‘No Stranger To Worry’ showcases the range and the incredible depth that Lucas has to offer vocally. Every track on the album utilizes his talents in different ways. A stand out is ‘Hands Of Penance’, the vocals muster up feelings of the loss of my good friends SKSK in the scene. Not a comparison, just a powerful quintessential Post Hardcore track with an equally powerfully vocal delivery.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t stray too far in your taste in genres, the odds of you loving every song on the record is slim with such a variety of writing and vocally styling. I can bet that there will be way more than a few songs that will peak your interest in this band and what they have to offer. From a music purist stand point, Time In Place is nothing short of brilliant. This album is a story in every sense of the word. You’re taken on a journey, the ups and downs, the anticipation of the build and vulnerability of the a band pouring their heart out. I can only venture to imagine how emotionally and physically draining it must have been recording this album. We thank you for your effort and level of commitment that went into Time In Place.


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Time In Place Track List
1. No Stranger To Worry
2. To Listen & Say Nothing
3. Hands of Penance
4. Annica
5. Laugh & The World Laughs With You
6. Liable For Tragedy
7. The Straight & The Winding Way
8. Apeiron
9. The Golden Age
10. Cut Sign
11. Weep & You Weep Alone
12. Tied To The Sunset
13. Overview

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