Artist Spotlight / Interview: Singer/Songwriter/Producer Joel Piper

By on January 16, 2012

You may know Joel Piper as the undoubtbly talented and dedicated drummer/vocalist from the metalcore Los Angeles, California, based band Confide. Since the bands breakup in late 2010, Joel has taken his talent and dedication and put it towards his solo project. He since has released his solo EP, “The Only One”, on November 1st 2011 on iTunes. HMM had the chance to interview the musician and producer to fill us in on his current project and his life journey as a musician.

HHM: At what age did you discover that you not only had the desire to write and play music but also the ability to actually pursue it?

Joel: I wish I could answer that with an exact date and time. But I was actually singing the same melodies over and over that I loved to make up at 18 months old. That is also when I learned how to play a 4×4 beat on a couch armrest. I guess it’s that much engraved into me that there never was a point where I didn’t have an obsession for music.

HHM: Where do you find your inspiration for writing?

Joel: I make my own inspiration from just about anything. Sometimes it’s cause I’m sad and want to be happy and write about the relationships I wish I had. Or I sometimes get paid to write songs for people and have to just slam out a song and hope they like it.

HHM: Tell us what a normal day as Joel Piper would consist of.

Joel: A normal day starts at my computer working on a song open the second I wake up. Im usually starving but can’t get away from the ideas. Then I will have many daily projects and meetings and conferences throughout the day about many dif things. Then I will finish working, studying, learning, visualizing the future till exactly 5 am every morning.

HHM: Did you find the transition from playing in Confide to becoming a full time solo artist difficult?

Joel: Well Confide found me because of my solo project Avery Pkwy so I’ve always been a solo artist that would join different bands like Sony/BMG’s Olivia The Band, Confide and a few others.
The only tough part was being home a lot and having to live a normal type lifestyle. Just because I wasn’t on tour made me feel like I was wasting time because i love making new friends & family everyday.

HHM: How has the response been since the releasing of “The Only One”?

Joel: It’s been a great response! Better than I expected! I couldn’t believe the support iTunes gave me the first month being an unsigned artist. I revived over 220,000 downloads of “The Only One” when I was featured by iTunes! That is amazing to have that many new fans in one week!

HHM: What are your plans for this year?

Joel: Finishing my full length for the summer. I just named it. And we are announcing it through a press release later this month.
And trying to find a new Buisness partner or manager to add to our team of brilliant minds that I am honored to work with everyday.

HHM: I know your fans mean a lot to you and you consider them family. Anything you’d like to tell them?

Joel: I love you all! Thank you for working with me everyday to go after what you believe in! We are all family on the same team!

Interview by: Konstantine – Hellhound Music

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