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HHM – At what age did you discover that you not only had the desire to write and play music but also the ability to actually pursue it?

KA – By the first grade, I knew I loved music. Recognizing ability came a few years later through piano lessons and competitive recitals, stage performance, and vocal training.

HHM – What are some the most influential artists that have shaped your writing style?

KA – Isn’t it amazing how the right twist of words and tunes can make you shed a wet one, turn your head, or show some teeth? My favorite modern songwriters that first come to mind are Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Taylor Swift. Though their music is very different, they and others like them have definitely shaped my writing style—to be brutally real, to write from feel, and to think beyond the brick wall.

HHM – Where do you find your inspiration for writing?

KA – For me, inspiration comes from everyday experiences. I have to feel it before I can write it.

HHM – Would you consider music to be an extension of yourself or a departure of some sort?

KA – Music is definitely an extension of myself—direct and indirect experiences. Songwriting is a journal for my enduring curiosity of how, why, and when.  My music has been called mod-MOXIE Rock because Moxie means courageous inventiveness.

HHM – How much of a change has music made in your life?

KA – Music is a family legacy. Even from my great-grandmother studying piano at Northwestern University, pursuing a career in music is something I have chosen on my own. Music is simply my way of life to share life.  

HHM – You’re an admitted girly girl, how much does that play into your music?

KA – I love good solid rock n’ roll, because it’s powerful, and I love girly things, because they are beautiful. I like to blend contrasts. Powerful love stories with cheery endings, that’s me. These are the elements that shape my lyrical phrases and songsmod-Moxie Rock.

HHM – What are some the biggest accomplishments to you so far in your career?

KA – The first biggest accomplishment is connecting with my fans—talking, laughing, autographing, writing comments on Twitter and Facebook. I love the interaction – like this comment from a fan, “Listening to the song makes me wanna cry coz the way you sing it is full of emotions.” Second are the awesome connections I have been fortunate enough to make in the entertainment industry. Without these connections, nothing would happen. I am so appreciative.

HHM – Most people don’t really understand the music industry. What are a few of the biggest differences you feel between being as part of the industry and being a fan looking in from the outside?

KA – Engaging in the music industry is a 24/7 365 adventure. It is like being a steam engine taking on a long up-hill grade. Actually, the music industry is more about people than music. Personal relationships are the keys to success. It truly is all about people. However, no one will make your dream happen for you.  You must dream, take the initiatives yourself. You must become the little engine that could.

HHM – Where did you work on your latest tracks? Did you work with a producer? If so, what was that experience like for you?

KA – Within the last few years, my recordings sessions have spanned the USA from Sunset Studios in Nashville, Tennessee to Vocal Asylum Studios in Hollywood, California. I have had the honor of working with James Lugo, and HitPlay. On my new release, Tony Brock, drummer for Rod Stewart, played the drums; JP Cervoni, guitarist for Nina Hagen and Buddy Miles Band, played guitar; and Phil Soussan, bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, and Vince Neil, played bass. I usually rehearse at Mates Studios in North Hollywood. In the studio, it is an awesome experience to be challenged by some of the best in the industry.  
HHM – Do you find it easier to be on stage or in the studio recording?

KA – For me the stage is easier than the studio, because I draw energy from the crowd—my favorite moments. It is all about experiencing the moment and connecting with people. 

HHM – What are some the plans in the near future for Kara Aubrey? When can we expect to hear some new music from you?

KA – Early 2012, launches my Single and Music Video “SAVE MY HEART.” It captures quintessential 80’s iconography in a high-performance, innovative, story-driven music video that’s all about mod-MOXIE Rock!
The latest are my multi-media entertainment Webshows on YouTube, featuring current music and new music and entertainment:  


In a pensive moment, like gazing out of a window at a cotton-candy sunset, I want to savor the beauty, run outside, and capture a glimpse of the grandeur before the colors fade. Moments like these make me inquisitive of each day’s opportunity, taken or denied, to be significant in a world spinning at 24,000 miles an hour.
Moxie is me, with an 80s fineness. I usually get over-excited about ordinary things. I laugh extraordinarily loud, like my dad. Furry animals distract me. I love sitting on the floor with a puppy on my lap. I live in the southern California Desert, though it may not be what you think. There are sprinklers and acres of green grass. I could get an eye-full of a captivating landscape, yet still not see enough. Amazingly, color is everywhere. I am inquisitive of how certain colors match while others simply do not.

I love LOVE! It makes me consider how things ought to be, and the reason for their being as they ought.

Electric violin is my favorite instrument to play, or rather conqueror, it’s a fun challenge. Playing with words and making pictures out of phrases is a pastime. Metaphors are everywhere. Since I always have a lot of questions, I am a student at heart. I question why some people have a question about right or wrong, good or bad, when within us is a conscience that we did not buy.
Creativity, with a tinge of unpredictability, seems in flux with order, the essence of design. It is taking things out-of-the-box and molding them into relevant shapes.
Art is my passion–creating stuff, mostly music. Though, I like to decorate, cook, garden, and tie sparkling-bows on presents, too. Perhaps it’s the glitter tendency in me.
I love to be in airports or malls, and people-watch, especially kids. What’s more important than people? They drag their stuffed animals around, proud to show their cotton-plump-friends part of their world, part of their significance. When you think about it, it’s just like you and me. Remember how we used to say, mommy, mommy, watch me, watch me. Some things never change.
I am not guessing that life is not all about the car I drive, or the clothes I buy; the color pink, or things that are neat. I’m not guessing. I’m finding out, writing about reality fully alive. My challenge is to live beyond the surface by digging deeper than the platforms of our culture. All in all, I choose to expect that it’s beyond me–I dare to believe.
So, this is a little bit of me, for you. Tied with a glittery bow of love,





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