Artist Spotlight: Speak Of The Devil [Featuring Former A Skylit Drive Members]

By on January 23, 2013

Speak Of The Devil is a Post Hardcore/Metal band from California. Following his departure from A Skylit Drive, founding guitarist Joey Wilson linked up with a surprising partner: Jordan Blake original vocalist and founding member of A Skylit Drive; most loved for his work on the band’s She Watched The Sky EP. Blake has journeyed on numerous musical endeavors since his departure from the band: most notably with Watchout! There’s Ghosts [Rise Records] but is now ready for a return to the Post-Hardcore scene in full force with Speak Of The Devil. The band’s first demo [featured above] “American Whore Story” is a showcase of the their exotic approach to Metal [similar to A Skylit Drive’s earlier sound]. “I’ve done it before and I’ll fucking do it again!” says Blake with the release of the band’s impressive demo. Stay tuned for more music to come from Speak Of The Devil.


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