Asking Alexandria – 10 Years in the Black Tour At The NorVa November 14th 2016

By on November 22, 2016

I could tell it was going to be a good night. As i walked towards the venue I could already see a line that stretched around the corner almost a block long. A total of six heavy hitting performers on the line up. First up “Bad Omens” with a single out called “The worst in me” this group has the potential to blow up! As they exited the stage next up “Upon a burning body”. I’ve seen this guys before and they rocked the hell out of the NorVa and once again they nailed it with a seven song set including Red Razor, Already Broken, Texas Blood Money. Ending it with Sin City. The crowd was screaming with a center mosh pit going! Band three “After the Burial” hits the stage another favorite start of their six song set with Aspiration which reignites the mosh pit as they enter into Your troubles will cease your fortune. Ending their set with A wolf amongst ravens you can feel that the fans wanted more but with three more bands to go they exited the stage. Next up “I See Stars” starting off with Break a catchy tune which was almost a 180 from After the Burial. Still rocking the crowd they lead into Ten thousand feet more hard hitting with deep vocals many pleasing faces could be seen as they played a six song set. On the stage next “Born of Osiris” starting off with Bow down with deep double bass and heavy riffs sending people moshing. Next song Empires erased  and Goddess of the dawn and four more songs to end their night. Now for what most are waiting to hear and see. The lights dim as “Asking Alexandria” make their way on to the stage. Starting off with what a great name for a starter song “Welcome” which just had the placing up and jumping. Which lead them straight into “Dear Insanity” and “To the stage” which kept everyone moving. A 12 song set was just enough to finish off the night ending with “A Single moment of Sincerity” The feeling I had as the night rolled to the end was the fans went home happy and amped up by the night’s performances. If this tour comes rolling into town don’t walk but run and get your ticket!

Asking Alexandria:

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I See Stars:

After the Burial:

Upon a burning body:

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