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By on November 19, 2012

Get your band on Hellhound Music

here is your chance to get your band on our site next to national acts. On average, our website gets up to 1,000 unique visitors a day and over 3k page views. In addition to being on our site, we will share your article across all of our social media sites. Our readers are active and many share our articles to all of their friends. Our articles have a large reach of readers.

Get featured on the HHM news section $5: This is a standard news article that will show up in the NEWS category on our site. This is good for press releases, tour/show announcements, new album, ep, video releases. In addition to your text, we will add photos of your band and add links to all of your social network sites.

Interview $10: Hellhound Music will interview your band and post it in the INTERVIEWS category along with your bands photos and social media links.

Album review $10: One of Hellhound Music’s staff writers will review your band’s album, ep, or single and post it in our REVIEWS category along with your bands photos and social media links

Feature Artist (1 week) $10: We will stream your music and display your bands photo (with link) on over 9500 article pages including the HOME PAGE.

Exclusive Stream of album 1 week $15: We will stream your entire album on our websites home page with links to your per-order/buy now pages

Video premier 1 week $10: We will stream your video on our homepage with links.


Package Deal # 1

Interview / Album Review / exclusive stream $25 (save $10)


Design Work

Event flyer $10

Band Website $250+