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By on October 25, 2012


Owner/Editor in Chief: Dave Luttrull  (VA)  dave@hellhoundmusic.com

Creative Director: Jason Lee (VA)  jasonlee@hellhoundmusic.com

Executive Editor: Andi Williams (IN)  andi@hellhoundmusic.com

Lead Writer / Lead Photographer: Gary Flinn (GA)  gary@hellhoundmusic.com

Writer / Photographer: Harley Hughes (OH)  harley@hellhoundmusic.com

Streaming Media Manager : Dennis Spencer (IN)  dennis@hellhoundmusic.com

Photographer: Emily Bobrowicz (MA)  emilybobphoto@gmail.com

Writer / Interviewer: Paij Leinberger (IN) paij@hellhoundmusic.com

Publicity/ Writer: Jennuh Varga (AUS)  jennuh@hellhoundmusic.com

Photographer/Writer: Lauren Adams (MA)  laurenadamsphoto@gmail.com

Photographer :Ronny Hoxsie (RI)  ronny@hellhoundmusic.com

Spokesmodel / Writer: Corgan Suicide (TN) corgansg@hellhoundmusic.com

Spokesmodel / Writer: Zombie Suicide (OH)   bella@hellhoundmusic.com

Photographer: Ron Short (PA)  ron@ronshortphoto.com

Photographer: Eliana Siegal  elianasieg@yahoo.com

Writer: Sonya Valanstasis  (TN)  sonya@hellhoundmusic.com

Writer / Photographer: Caitlin O’Hara  (CA) caitlin@hellhoundmusic.com

Photographer: Allison Kymmell (VA)  allison@hellhoundmusic.com

Photographer: Megan Vella (TOR)  megan@hellhoundmusic.com

Publicity / Writer: Konstantine (IN) val@hellhoundmusic.com

Photographer: Mindy Weaver (OH) mindy@hellhoundmusic.com