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Beyond The Shore: Ghostwatcher Review


Release Date: April 2nd
Metal Blade Records

Metalcore outfit Beyond The Shore (now teamed up with powerhouse Metal Blade Records) prove they have a unique spin to offer the genre with their upcoming full-length entitled Ghostwatcher – though this notion is not immediately apparent as the breakdown driven intro “Dividers” opens the album; by the time its 2nd track “Half Lived” chimes in, this notion is certain – contrasting high/low Death vocals, distorted cleans, and buzz saw rhythms carve out an in-your-face preview of Ghostwatcher and its unique take on Metal to come.

While speedy intricate tracks like “Transitions” and “Ghostwatcher” show off a more instrumentally melodic side of the band; more dropped down & brutal tracks like “Homewrecker” and “Glass Houses” allow the Death vocal range of singer Andrew Loucks to take center stage: conveying a real sense of urgency and ripping up a unique take on delivery. The album is also chock-full of songs like “Visions” where a more “raw” Hardcore musical direction is flexed: sure to inescapably lure fans into the pits. Beyond The Shore have unleashed a fresh sound with this album: one that fans of Death Metal & Metalcore alike are sure to enjoy – you can pre-order your copy today.


Review by Matt Crane – HHM

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