Bon Jovi Hoaxer Revealed

By on December 27, 2011

On December 19th, rumors abounded on Twitter and Facebook about the Bon Jovi frontman’s sudden death from cardiac arrest. Bon Jovi debunked the false news with good humor, posting a photo on his Facebook page that read: “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” with the day’s date. The photo was captioned, “Rest assured that Jon is alive and well!”
Philadelphia native, Jeffrey Goho, took responsibility for the hoax, saying the rumor rapidly spread across major social networking and microblogging platforms, originating from his [Bon Jovi’s] appearance in an Advil commercial to his supposed demise.  Mr. Goho apparently had enough of the singer/songwriter’s business endeavors in the tri-state area stating that he “felt as if Jon Bon Jovi had lost site of the true reason he became a household name… his musical contributions.”
Recent reports from Philadelphia Soul Team President, Ron Jaworski, state that Mr. Goho wrote a formal apology to minority owner, Richie Sambora, in an effort to reach Jon Bon Jovi himself.  Mr. Goho, lead singer of the Philadelphia-based hard rock group, MINUTIA, was quoted, “I never thought the rumors would spread so rapidly.”  Mr. Goho also states, “I am truly sorry for any and all damage that I may have caused Jon and his family.  Furthermore, I can only hope that he continues to bring prosperity to the Philadelphia region and surrounding areas.”


Author: DaveHHM

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