“Breaking Benjamin” January 11th @ The NorVa, Norfolk, VA

By on January 15, 2017


It was a chilly night here in Norfolk granted that we had over 8 inches of snow a few days earlier. Tonight it’s a sold out show here at the NorVa. “Dark before dawn” released in 2015 has set Breaking Benjamin on a whirlwind tour all over the US. Opening up a Detroit band called Wilson that have been making waves since 2010. There latest release “Right to rise” released in 2015 . Coming out swinging playing hits like Right to Rise, Give’em Hell and Before I burn amped up the crowd for a good 45min set. Certainly a band to watch out for with strong riffs, hard vocals and high energy stage presence. Now for the main event what everyone has been waiting to hear. The lights go dim and the intro begins. Starting off with “So Cold” off the We are not alone album was amazing to hear in person. Next “Angels fall” off Dark before dawn album, a song about being resilient. This was one great night you could feel the energy within the venue. Playing a 16 song set into the wee hours of the night it was an honor to have them here at the NorVa. Finishing the night off with “Diary of Jane” off the Phobia album we say farewell until next time Breaking Benjamin.

Breaking Benjamin Official Site: https://breakingbenjamin.com/

Wilson Official Site: http://www.wilsonpartyanimals.com/