show review: Brick + Mortar in Philadelphia (Underground Arts) – May 23, 2014

By on June 2, 2014


photo credit: Devan Chevres

You know when you go to see a band and they act as if they deserve your applause simply for being on the stage?

Well that is NOT Brick + Mortar.

At their set’s beginning, lead singer Brandon Asraf told the crowd “Move forward because if you are going to talk shit on us, I want to be able to hear it!” Philly isn’t always the most forgiving city and if you are going to be ballsy with us from the start at least we will respect you enough to listen.


photo credit: Devan Chevres

Early in their act Brandon grabs a large cardboard sign duct taped with the word “HEY” on it. He then leads the crowd into a synchronized chant through a very catchy song, “Move to the Ocean”. As he had already loosened up the audience, they were more than willing and definitely obliged. Brandon was not the only one whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Drummer John Tacon, well pretty sure his ass was only on his seat maybe half their set. The other half was spent standing, shouting, smiling and working the wild Philly fans in all the right ways.There was so much energy produced by these two guys it was hard not to play along to their every command. After a full set of singing, dancing, and sweaty bodies rubbing together, drummer John grabs his phone and we are all asked to present those boys with a double handed middle finger salute. How could we say no, right? Let me just say these artists with their unique sound of catchy drum and bass beats along with lyrics and vocals you can groove to have made an impression. Chatter about upcoming gigs already flowed through the venue before the headliner band Morning Parade took to the stage.


photo credit: Devan Chevres

Brick + Mortar are so humble they sign their merch with “Thanks for giving us a chance”. You’d better catch them early, rumor has it they are moving up quickly and why shouldn’t they be?

Written by Devan Chevres




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