BT and Seamless Shake Up Celldweller’s 2012 Masterpiece ‘Unshakeable’

By on October 23, 2013


Three years ago, BT found his celestial electronic rock hit ‘Suddenly‘ dialed up into a pummeling electro-metal mix by Celldweller. Now, the Grammy-nominated, chart-topping EDM maestro has returned the favor by remixing ‘Unshakeable‘, the opening track of Celldweller’s massive 2012 opus “Wish Upon A Blackstar“. The original album mix of ‘Unshakeable‘ trembled the earth with frenetic drumstep breaks, but BTʼs remix will split planets wide with it’s multi- genre approach. Tandem attacks of drum’n’bass and dubstep leap up out of a trap-flavored electro bed that strains the quantifiable limits of bass.

Check out Celldweller’s ‘Unshakeable (BT & Seamless Remix)’:

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