Cattle Decapitation “The North American Extinction Tour Part II Inhuman Beings” @ Shaka’s VaBeach

By on November 12, 2017

Written and photographed by Robert Escue

The MetalSucks sponsored North American Extinction Part II "Inhuman Beings" tour made a stop to Shaka's Live in Virginia Beach on Wednesday for a night of death metal and grind brutality. 

The show started off with the Virginia Beach slam masters Throne Of Botis playing their last show as a band. Unfortunately I missed their set as I got to the venue late. Both Artifical Brain and Revocation called out Throne Of Botis for being part of the scene and their contribution to it. They will be missed.

Long Island, New York based Artificial Brain took the stage and played a set of songs off of their two full lengths "Labrinth Constellation" and "Infrared Horizon" including "Worm Harvester" and "Anchored To The Inlayed Arc". There was a good response from the crowd, particularly the younger members who have seen Artificial Brain before.

Full Of Hell was for me the most unusual and intense grind band I have ever seen. Part grind, part punk, part noise, there was something for everyone in their set which included "Deluminate", "Digital Prison" and a cover of Napalm Death's "You Suffer". The punks that were in the audience including one with a mohawk were most appreciative of Full Of Hell.

It has been years since Revocation played a venue in Hampton Roads so a number of people were stoked to see them and the crowd was not disappointed as they played mostly earlier material including "Existence Is Futile", "Empire of the Obscene" and "Dismantle the Dictator". David Davidson was in a playful mood and joked with the band and played up close and personal for the crowd at several points during the set. 

Closing the night, Cattle Decapitation ripped through a thirteen song set including "The Prophets of Loss" "Not Suitable for Life" and "Forced Gender Reassignment". Lead singer Travis Ryan told the audience it has been fifteen years since Cattle Decapitation last played a venue in Hampton Roads, this fired the crowd up as they headbanged and moshed with increased intensity.

For the people who made it out on a soggy Wednesday night, and with the exception of the last performance of Throne Of Botis it was one of the best shows of 2017.

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