Celebrate The Women of Cyber PR® for Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

By on October 14, 2012

As many of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

… And if you didn’t know, this may give you an understanding as to why every football player in the NFL decided to suddenly wear pink shoes at the same time 😉
Now obviously, as a company founded by a woman, we here at Cyber PR® are 100% in favor of supporting the empowerment of women in any way that we can, so what better time than now to showcase the current Women of Cyber PR® who are working as solo artists, perfecting their own craft, or as the head of a band, leading a group on the path towards success.

In This Week’s Issue:

1. Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Women of Cyber PR®

Amy Lynn is the rock and roll diva that oozes sass and attitude. With her gutsy vocals, spitfire personality and a backing band that combines funk and R&B, this girl has got it all! Amy leads the band with her beau and baritone sax player, Alex, and they give new life to pop/soul with their unique sound and energetic stage performance. When it comes to girl power, Amy Lynn certainly packs a punch! 





Anya Parker-Lentz

Anya Parker Lentz, is not only a budding singer/songwriter, she is also an activist for a cause that is near and dear to her heart. Anya wrote the song “Mission Possible” for her friend Jake, who has struggled with Dystonia, a neurological disorder.  Anya’s profound lyrics, and soothing piano melodies show a girl more mature than her age presents.  At 16, she has already performed at Carnegie Hall twice with the New Jersey Youth Chorus, only proving further that the sky is the limit for this young performer.






Dynasty Electric

This psychedelic group has a unique sound that incorporates elements of EDM, funk and rock and roll.  Hailing from the underground pop/electronic scene, Dynasty Electric gives you the raw gritty sound that could only come from streets of Brooklyn.  The lead singer, Jenny Electrik can often be spotted on stage wearing glow sticks, while still maintaining the bohemian, flower child look… just with more electricity.




Janene Lovullo

The purity of Janene’s voice, even on a recording, can take you to Midtown Manhattan in the seats of a packed theatre. Her Broadway vocal inflections paired with an incredible range shows the true talent of this singer. But don’t write her off as just another pretty voice; Janene has the ability to stretch the limits of her Broadway/classical style to incorporate elements of jazz and contemporary.




Jen Foster

Jen Foster channels the chick rock sound of the 90s while bringing a modern twist with her passionate alto voice that speaks to the soul.  This Nashville artist has all the key elements: driving guitar rhythms, organ lines, profound lyrics and of course, lot of attitude.  Jen also calls some of Nashville’s finest her friends, having Jeffrey Steele, acclaimed songwriter, producer, and judge of Nashville Star, as a co-writer on her track, “You Stayed.”





Kathy Muir

Kathy Muir’s music is just like the title of her song… “Sweet and Easy.”  Although her style is acoustic, soft rock, Kathy integrates hints of jazz influences in her music.  Kathy is a true storyteller, weaving in lyrics that not only present us with just a song, but a journey through the music. You can see Kathy’s raw, uninhibited sound when she cover’s Bob Marley’s, “One.”





May Stand Still

Emily Herndon, the lead singer and brainchild behind May Stand Still is a quirky songwriter reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson with a twist of pop folk.  In her song, “Gotta See” she incorporates claps, whistles and a shaker, which set her apart from your typical singer/songwriter.  Not only is Emily a great, original songwriter, she also has great acoustic covers of top 40 songs like Carly Rae Jepsen’s, “Call Me Maybe” and Maroon 5’s “Payphone.”


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