Check Out 5 Brand New Additions to the Cyber PR® Artist Family

By on February 25, 2012

5 Brand New Additions of the Cyber PR® Artist Family

Alona Reavska

Genre: Alternative, Soft Rock, Pop Rock

Alonas amateur musical career began in the spotlight as a singer with the band Dorogi (pop-rock-jazz). She sang backup for Ukrainian pop-rock star Maria Burmaka, an association that put Alona on major stages and before large crowds including the Song of the Year Awards and the international Tavriyskie Igry Open-air Fest.

Her latest CD, Conversations With My Soul, was produced in Nashville by Grammy winner Joe Beck. The music displays Alona’s writing and performance talent with a wide contrast of emotions both soft and tough, tender and gritty. The general style is pop rock, but each song has a slightly different feel. Like the artist, the album is multifaceted in emotions and moods, inspired by life itself.

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Art Decade

Genre: Symphonic Pop, Indie Rock, Post Pop

Art Decade: David Bowie drinking a cup of tea brewed by Van Gogh after winning a tennis match with Mozart
From Boston, MA comes alternative rockers Art Decade. With the release of their stunning new album Western Sunrise, and the evocative video that accompanies it, Art Decade takes its place as one of the leading experimental rock bands in the country. Art Decade has an expressive, distinct style that shines throughout the album and is captured beautifully in the breakthrough video created by animator Whit Alexander.

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Genre: Non-Secular Chant, New Age, Pop

Music isn’t a career for Devirose, it’s a spiritual calling. Although she is now releasing her third album and has played widely, music is just a byproduct of her inner journey interpreting the natural logic of the universe, what many call “patterns” and “coincidences.” “Music is a devotional act for me, a vehicle for awareness of love rather than a performance,” she explains.

The New York City-based singer-songwriter channels her academic grounding as a practicing psychotherapist along with years studying the transformative properties of yoga, meditation, dream analysis, and the rich heritage of sacred Buddhist, Yogic, and other spiritual texts, into non-denominational songs of soulful introspection. Over the course of three releases, Devirose has grown from being a disciple of yoga-based chant music to exploring a more personal and universal approach to song craft. On her latest, Awake to Love, which will be released March 6th, Devirose has written meditative music that fulfills the role of being sacred music and pop music without the trappings of either.

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Sid Bernstein

Genre: Vocal Jazz, Easy Listening, Lounge

Sid Bernstein is on a musical mission…
Ever since the beginning of his career as a music promoter, booker and manager in the Bronx in the 1940’s, Sid Bernstein’s been blurring the boundaries between cultures and communities by simply sharing the sounds he loves with everyone his life touches. From migrating uptown Latin bands downtown, to opening the doors for a British Invasion, ushering radio personalities from the public ear to the public eye, and bringing Beatles to baseball stadiums – Sid’s love of music and tireless support for the artists who create it have not only enriched cultural history but united a whole world in song.
Now, seventy years later, at the seasoned age of 93, Sid Bernstein would like to share with you some music of his own. Coming soon is a new collection of songs which have meant the most to him over the years – now as sung by Sid himself!

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Stereo Crowd

Genre: Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap, Live

Inspired by the sounds of South Harlem, Stereo Crowd has crafted a very unique and creative approach to unifying audiences of diverse racial and social backgrounds.
Formed by guitarist Paul-Anthony Surdi and bassist Vince “VFerg” Ferguson, Stereo Crowd has crafted New York City’s sound of Urban Alternative music. It’s a sound that combines the physical connection of hip-hop, with the emotional connection of rock, all pulled together with the sonic sensibilities of Soul and R&B.
In April 2011 Stereo Crowd opened for world-renowned mashup guru Girl Talk, and made their television debut on NBC New York’s “All Night with Joey Reynolds”. Over the summer Stereo Crowd continued their success by opening for international pop icon MC Hammer, and playing shows from NYC to ALT and back. They ended the summer headlining the world famous Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

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