Chris Hoiser The Midwest Outlaw Destroys Country Boyz Mud Bog in Marion Michigan

By on August 15, 2017



By Capt. Kerk

Chris Hoiser The Midwest Outlaw Destroys Country Boyz Mud Bog in Marion Michigan

Hick-hop may sound like some medical condition you acquire from having the hick ups for an extended period of time, but I assure you it is not. Hick-hop is a new and growing genre of music which combines the beats of hip-hop with the lyrical expressions of country music. Chris Hosier is an up and coming artist in this new genre. On Saturday, up in Marion Michigan, he graced the crowd at the Country Boyz 2017 Opening Day mud bog event with his talent. It was nothing short of a good ‘ol time with some down home folks that really know how to have fun in the mud.

The mud bog started at 10 am and did not end until the sun was down and the fires were blazing bright. This is when the whole day came to a climax. Though the “stage” was nothing more than a sound system set up under a canopy tent with some pallets to put the speakers on, it certainly fit the profile for the whole day. First up was a comedian from down south named Catfish Cooley. He shared with us some of his experiences in life. All of which had the crowd laughing almost hysterically. I won’t even run through one of his not so dramatic stories real quick. Just in case you ever get the chance to see Catfish live. I would not want to spoil anything for you. But it was very amusing and I am sure that anyone who gets to see Catfish Cooley will feel the same as their gut begins aching from laughing so hard.

When Chris Hosies took the stage the crowd was pumped up and ready for him. Chris has more than enough energy to go around and it contagious. He started his set and everyone quickly shifted their focus to the stage area. Though the lighting was quite poor Chris still got out to the people, out to his fans and patrons, soon to be fans. Many of the people that were right up front had the lights from their phones on and one security guy had a light on Chris the entire time he performed. So, although the set up area and stage was not ideal, the involvement of the crowd gave the show an even better, almost deeper sense of intimacy. They were there to see Chris Hosier perform and it was going to happen even if they had to help out.

Hosier is a very interactive performer. While doing his set he not only took time between songs to talk to the crowd, which is very common, but he took the time to have drinks with the crowd, shake hands with them and even take pictures in the middle of songs. He does not hold back from his fans and puts in all efforts to create new fans as well. We stood and gave a moment of silence for the men and women of the United States armed forces with Chris, promptly followed by a drink for all who had one to consume.  And at the end of the entire show Chris called for all of the people, from the youngsters to the aged patrons, to join him in a group photo. A large portion of the crowd gathered behind and around Chris to be part of this experience. It is one that not many performers, whose popularity is growing so fast, will allow.

But he was willing to give those people something no one can ever take from them. He gave them a memory that they will be able to recall for the rest of their lives.

So the event was a blast from start to finish. The people, their mud bog trucks, cars and yes even vans were a blast to see. Catfish Cooley was a riot, hanging out with everyone, walking around shoreless and cracking jokes all day long. Then the cherry on the whole cake was getting to see Chris Hosier perform in what is probably one of his most intimate sets to date. All in all anyone looking for a good time with great people couldn’t have asked for a better day.