City Voices: Transparency EP Review

By on February 1, 2013

Release Date: March 12th

Virgina Beach pop rockers City Voices are set to release their new EP Transparency this March. The EP kicks off with “See Through” powered by catchy hooks, breezy rhythms, and a stellar chorus; adding the impressive vocals of singer Suzanne Annette, one can’t help but be reminded of bands like Paramore and Versaemerge. “Monster” comes in next with a tantalizing guitar interlude and a more distorted riff; all of which contrast nicely with Suzanne’s hypnotizing high notes. City Voices gets a bit more touching in the EP’s next track “Wherever You Go” a softer piano/key driven song with a more intimate tone. Transparency’s 4th track “Resolve” [a personal favorite] speeds it up with a more aggressive rhythmic delivery taking center stage. “Take It All Away” further displays impressive guitar craft and some haunting vocals sure to give the listener chills. The EP comes to a close with “When I Wake” a Pop-Punk ballad of sorts that ends the release in an appropriately emotional way. Transparency is a major breath of fresh air; fans of bands like Paramore, Versaemerge, Copeland, and Anberlin are sure to enjoy. The EP drops March 12th; be sure to grab your copy.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM

Checkout the new lyric video for “Monster”

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