Close Up On The Quiet Ones: Land Ho Review

By on February 11, 2013


Release Date: March 5th

North Carolina Post-Hardcore rockers Close Up On The Quiet Ones are set for their sophomore release with the Land Ho EP. The EP begins with the track “Your Own Personal Coma” a unique acoustic interlude that bursts into a “hard” Pop-Rock showcase: displaying impressive exotic guitar leads and high range vocals. “Safeword” chimes in next with a more upbeat tone, catchy hooks, and a high-energy rhythm: contrasting well with the noteworthy range of vocalist Alex Cortright. Land Ho’s 3rd track “Cowboys And Indie Kids” [a personal favorite] gets a bit more aggressive with a more urgent vocal delivery; in combination with the song’s more experimental composition, one can’t help but be reminded of band’s like Sleeping With Sirens. The breezy sound of “Imaginary Houses” jams gracefully before the band slows it down in the EP’s 5th track “If You Play That Card, I Swear” a more emotional performance of the band’s organic musical talent; the guest vocals of Dee Marie further sweeten the track’s somber tone before an explosive ending lashes out with one of the EP’s most raw and assertive vocal performances. “Addicts, Fakes, And Suicide Lakes” is an interesting display of the band’s more exotic sound blended with a harder instrumental thrash. 

Land Ho comes to a close with “I Sure Hope You Know How To Swim” an instant outburst of tantalizing guitar work with manic musical outbursts and well-crafted synchronized vocals. Land Ho is a fresh/experimental take on the genre; one that fans of bands like Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and even Dance Gavin Dance are sure to enjoy. The EP drops March 5th; be sure to preorder your copy today.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM