Conditions “Full Of War” review

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Conditions Full Of War 

Release Date: March 26, 2013

Good Fight Music / eOne Music


Track Listing:

1. Walking Separate Ways
2. Skeleton
3. Open Eyes
4. Best Mistake
5. Love Elusive
6. Wonderful Lie
7. Every Day Is A New Life
8. The Descent Of Man
9. Long Division
10. What We Wait For
11. Not Giving Up…Not Yet

Going in to this review, I’ll openly admit… I didn’t exactly have the highest expectations for Full of War. There were a few factors involved in my early judgement. For one, the departure of lead guitarist, Jason Marshall. Secondly, the departure of longtime producer/engineer Paul Leavitt. And then there were the first two songs released to the public.

 “Walking Seperate Ways” was a nice change of pace, and had a hook that was pretty undeniable. Although, a somewhat sonic departure from “Fluorescent Youth,” there were still parts and pieces of the song that still had a familiar feel to the previous album. It definitely had my attention, and I wanted more. Then they released the single “Open Eyes,” and I feel like my attention some-what waned. Compared to previous E.P.’s and “Fluorescent Youth,” I personally didn’t feel the passion and strain in the vocals that I had grown to love and respect. That, and the keyboard/synth part in the second half of the choruses… Not gonna lie, it felt over-produced simply by the addition of those four simple synth notes.

 But then I got asked to do this review, and I got a chance to listen to the album in it’s entirety… and something sparked. I put aside my prior judgments, put the album on repeat, and just listened. It all made sense. The album does it’s best work when listened to as a whole. With songs like “Skeletons”, “The Descent of Man” and “Not Giving Up… Not Yet,” you get just enough of the blistering, intense approach that you should be used to if you’re a fan of Conditions, while songs like “Love Elusive,” “Best Mistake,” and “Wonderful Lie” tread more of a pop-rock territory previously uncharted by the band.

 And then you have the three tracks on the album that are more ballad-based(if that makes any sense), “Long Division,” “Every Day is a New Life,” and “What We Live For.” If Conditions is trying to showcase that they’re trying not to be a band that “play’s it safe,” I think it’s these three songs that they’ve tried their hardest to show some diversity in their songwriting. Great stand-alone tracks? Not exactly, but within the context of the album as a whole, I thing they do the job. Overall, the album has it’s peaks and valleys, the rising action and the conflict that any good story should have, and it’s THERE that I find this album to be it’s most effective.

 Overall, the album is cohesive, complete, and well put together. Slightly over produced and bending towards mainstream rock? On some songs, maybe. But there are DEFINITELY moments of pure genius on this release, and that simply can’t be denied. If the band can pull off the performances of these songs live, then I believe Conditions is set to reach a HUGE amount of an already ever-growing fan base that they haven’t yet experienced.


Score: 8/10

Review by Bran Wilder HHM / Pilot!

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