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By on October 10, 2012

Hellhound Music was founded in 2006 as an avenue to help give our musician
friends a backing in the music industry. What started as a small management
and development company has since blossomed into something so much more.
Acquiring Rane Zine and nurturing it under the HHM name has opened the door
to a larger scale network platform. We have the pleasure of working with some
of the most incredible artists and companies in the industry today. We are honored
and humbled by the relationships we have built since our modest beginnings.
Our mission has not changed, nor our shameless devotion to our artists wavered.

At HHM we believe there is no substitute for work ethic.

“Music Connections for Bands and Their Fans”


Use the form below to contact us if you are a band/artist looking to set up a feature/premiere or to inquire about the many services we can provide.


Owner/Editor in Chief: Dave Luttrull  (VA)

Creative Director: Jason Lee (VA)

Executive Editor: Dennis Spencer (IN)

Lead Writer / Lead Photographer: Gary Flinn (GA)

Design / Graphics Manager: Rick McHaffey

Live Reviews / Photographer:  Gary Horton (VA)

Media Relations / Writer:  Nikki Spencer (IN)

Writer / Interviewer: Jordan Scollan (UK)

Photojournalist / Writer: Carley Marie (Australia)

Photojournalist / Writer: Rick Lancaster (IL)

Managing Editor: Andi Williams (IN)

Writer / Photographer: Harley Hughes (OH)

Photographer: Emily Bobrowicz (MA)

Writer / Interviewer: Paij Leinberger (IN)

Publicity/ Writer: Jennuh Varga (AUS)

Photographer :Ronny Hoxsie (RI)

Spokesmodel / Writer: Corgan Suicide (TN)

Spokesmodel / Writer: Zombie Suicide (OH)

Photographer: Ron Short (PA)

Photographer: Eliana Siegal

Writer / Photographer: Caitlin O’Hara  (CA)

Photographer: Allison Kymmell (VA)

Photographer: Megan Vella (TOR)

Publicity / Writer: Konstantine (IN)

Photographer: Mindy Weaver (OH)