Corgan Suicide Interview with Job For A Cowboy

By on September 3, 2012
Job For A Cowboy Interview with Corgan Suicide:
(Jonny & Nick)
Corgan – I’m kind of curious, where do you guys get the name for the band?
Jonny – God Dammit…(laughs) Do I really have to answer this?
Corgan – no no no, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to…
Jonny – No, it’s fine, Nick’s got this one (laughs)
Nick – So, the least convoluted story is Jonny was growing up, he was 14 and wanted to story a band. He wanted to get money for shit and his Mom was like, “Hey I can’t afford that, you gotta work for your own shit” Well, Jonny loved Westerns, Clint Eastwood, that kind of shit so he wanted to get a job as like a ranch hand. You should like what you’re doing instead like Subway or whatever. He trid to find a job for a like a year and a half as a ranch hand. Cause of all the concentrated animal feeding operations and basically like the meat industry as it is….there were no old school cowboys, no Job For A Cowboy…
Corgan – Can you ride a horse?
Jonny – Realistically, no but I wanted to work on a farm…
Nick – He could ride a cowboy though
Jonny – That’s the best story we have  (laughs)
Corgan  – I want to say, that I actually met you at Mayhem 2009
Nick – Was he a dick?
Corgan – You were very quiet
Jonny – Was it before or after we played?
Corgan – it was after, way after. I saw your artwork and I told Zach (Whitechapel) I want to talk to him…but you were just really quiet. You’re like “Who is this chick, I don’t wanna talk to this chick”
Jonny – Damn, I just got called out (laughs)
Nick – Dude, I hear you’re a dick from everyone
Jonny – People say I’m a dick all the time, it’s like “Jonny is such an asshole” You tell me
Corgan – I don’t think you’re a dick. I don’t think you’re a dick right now, I just thought you were quiet. I just thought you didn’t want to talk.
Nick – I mean, you do look like a dick.
Corgan – awwwww
Jonny – That’s kinda mean
Nick – You’re mean looking, ya know? You look like a mean dick.
Corgan – You’re supposed to look mean, you’re in a metal band.
Jonny – I’ve been trying to change my image
Corgan – You’re  a lot bigger, have you been working out?
Jonny – I’ve been eating a lot of cheeseburgers and that’s about it.
Corgan – Nice
Corgan (Nick) so, you weren’t with them at Mayhem in 2009 were you?
Nick – Nope
Corgan – Okay, when did you join the band?
Nick – 2011
Corgan – You like it?
Nick – Yeah
Corgan – just kidding (laughs)
Nick – Yeah, it’s fun. They’re a fun group of kids. They’re all youngins. I’m the oldest one.
Jonny – You’re officially the oldest member of the band.
Corgan – How old are you?
Nick – 30
Corgan – How old are you (Jonny)
Jonny – Guess…
Corgan – Well…’re younger so, I’d say 26.
Jonny – 25
Nick – Who’s 25? Fuck you guys…really?
Corgan – I’ve got you both beat….I’m 31
Nick – Oh okay cool
Corgan – I’m old……*mumbles dammit
Nick – Yup…we’re screwed
Corgan – So, what’s it like playing a tour like Slaughter, compared to say Mayhem?
Jonny – Night and Day obviously, ya know. Mayhem’s just such a big event. It’s kind of the new Ozzfest to a certain extent. This is a smaller tour, more “underground” bands.
Corgan – This is my first time being at a Summer Slaughter show it is definitely different. Mayhem’s cool, I went this year, I went and hung out but I didn’t get to see many bands.
Nick – That’s okay, Metal’s more for about hanging out than bands and music anyways…
Corgan – I don’t know, I love going and hanging out but I really love seeing the bands, I’ve seen you guys before…..I’ve seen a couple bands that are on this tour before. Did you guys play in Knoxville, recently?
Jonny – I don’t know, hold on
Nick – Yup, we did Knoxville at the Valarium
Corgan – I used to work there.
Nick – Oh yeah, what did you do?
Corgan – I did production and I was a gogo dancer *laughs, in my younger days.
Nick – Woooo *claps, tiiiight *laughs
Corgan – *laughs
Corgan – How long are you guys normally on the road?
Jonny – It really depends, there have been years that we’re gone 9-10 months and some that we’re only gone 3-4 months. It just depends on what we have going on.
Corgan – What’s the impact of being on the road on your writing and what’s your writing process like?
Nick – We just download it all…’s an app in the, isn’t it Tech Death 2012 or something. It’s in the google play market.
Jonny – You can download it from piratebay for free though.
Nick – It’s basically just a tab emulator, you just punch in the thing and it just rolls dice…it’s like 12, 0, 1, 3, 5 and then that’s the riff!
Corgan – You guys are totally fucking with me right now huh?
Jonny – *laughs…..yeah. Realistically, it’s kind of tough for us. He (Nick) lives in Denver, I live in Phoenix, guitar players live in Boston and our drummer lives in Seattle.
Corgan – Oh wow, that’s cool.
Jonny – Writing is kind of a hassle, we have to send each other ideas over the internet. We just throw pieces of the puzzle together and put them all together eventually.
Nick – It’s kind of like an internet chain letter. We just add a little bit each time.
Jonny – It’s more like a bunch of spam mail.
Corgan – You’re like “Oh, I’m putting that in the junk mail file….oh wait”
Nick – Yeah, Exactly. It’s cute
Corgan – I have a random question that some friends wanted me to ask….What’s your favorite sandwich and if you’d have sex with it?
Jonny – I’d have sex with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Nick – I don’t know, I would think you’d probably want like roast beef or something wouldn’t you? Like an Arby’s sandwich.
Jonny – Well, I knew this was coming so I didn’t bring it up. I knew it would be too obvious.
Corgan – Is that what you’re used to, a roast beef sandwich?
Nick – A big Montana, no I’m just kidding.
Jonny – What’s the Jimmy John’s one, the gargantuan? Roast beef and ham or….
Corgan – I’m glad I asked this one…this is hilarious.
Nick – We’re talking about football right?
Corgan – I don’t know shit about football.
Nick – Yeah, I don’t either, that’s why I’m so lost and confused right now. Is this an Arby’s commercial? No, uh Beef and Cheddar!
Corgan – Yeah, it has to be a little gooey….What?! You have to have some kind of lub….nevermind.
Nick – Yeah, you’re right, the cheddar would be….but if it’s too hot…
Corgan – You have the Arby’s sauce…
Nick – Sometimes they make those sandwiches pretty hot. Ya know what I mean?
Corgan – You might get burned. You’re not into that? You’re not into pain?
Nick – I don’t think so…I don’t know. Never really found that line…..There’s a fine line between, you’re supposed to have a little bit but not too much.
Jonny – We’re still talking about sandwiches right?
Corgan – I’m not sure….uh, anyway, let’s see…
Corgan – What sort of response of you guys been getting for the new record?
Nick – The new record we have Demonocracy, which is a spin on Democracy because it’s got demon in it and shit.
Corgan – Demons are cool
Nick – It depends, not when they’re running your government. Everybody votes for Satan. It’s dangerous, everybody controls your life.
Corgan – That’s true
Nick – Ya know we’re sad about the record at the end of the day.
Jonny – We’re pretty bummed out about it. Things didn’t work out as planned….
Nick – The app gave us the worst songs, I mean we already paid for it so….
Corgan – awwwww
Nick – No, we’re stoked on it but the next record is gonna be way more cool.
Corgan – When’s the next record coming?
Nick – We’ll probably write it next year. We’ll probably start writing right now actually. The riffs and stuff. We’ve a whole concept and shit, it’s gonna be crazy. There’s lasers….diamonds and shit.
Jonny – Crystals and shit
Corgan – So you’re gonna shoot lasers in it?
Nick – No, we chop up gorillas in the night with lasers with diamonds in them. What movie is that?
Jonny – Congo
Nick – Remember that shit? Those lasers were awesome. They chopped up the gorillas in the night?
Corgan – What are some of your favorite bands to tour with?
Jonny – Ever ever?
Corgan – Yeah, ever ever
Jonny – Muse, Green Day. Lady Gaga was pretty cool.
Nick – Misery Windex, I’d probably say also….Between the Buried and Me
Corgan – What some bands that you have never toured with that you’d like to?
Nick – Muse, Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac
Jonny – Green Day, Lady Gaga
Nick – Lady Gaga
Corgan – You’re a big Lady Gaga fan huh?
Jonny – Naw, I’m not that much of a fan
Nick – Well, we wanna tour…..I guess we heard Slipknot was gonna take us out. That would be really cool. It’s supposed to be coming down the line
Corgan – They did Mayhem right?
Nick – Yeah, they’re doing it like right now. Well, I think it’s done. You may be right.
Corgan  – How much do you get off when you’re not touring.
Nick – As much as we can, we all enjoy that feeling. Oh, you mean like tour time off.
Corgan – Yeah…haha time off from tour. I mean, everyone enjoys getting off, of course.
Nick – Hopefully longer, I think it’s important for everyone to get home for 3-4 weeks.
Corgan – What is the strangest question you’ve ever been asked?
Nick – What type of sandwich that I want to have sex with.
Corgan – I hope so…
Jonny – And…where did you get your band name from?
Corgan – Oh come on…everybody asks that.
Corgan  – Do you have any tattoos? (Nick)
Nick – No tattoos, no pierces or anything. I used to have this pierced once…
Corgan – Your tragus?
Nick – Yeah, the tragus. It sucked. He dropped the needle half way through. I had it for a couple months…and I was in an altered state of consciousness and I took that shit out.
Corgan – Yeah, it hurts.
Corgan – How many tattoos do you have, you have a lot, can’t hardly count? (Jonny)
Nick – It’s kind of just one isn’t it?
Corgan – I can’t tell, it’s sort of one continuous thing… did you have the chest piece back in 2009? I don’t remember that.
Jonny – No I didn’t, I have a chest piece now…
Nick – Show her the nipple thing, come on.
Corgan – He’s like no…I don’t want to show my nipples, it’s private.
Jonny – Yes, it’s private.
Nick – You’re a man…
Jonny – My nipples are for myself.
Nick – I’m just sayin’ that’s my favorite part. It’s eating his nipple.
Corgan – That had to fucking hurt though.
Jonny – Anyone who says that getting tattooed doesn’t hurt is…
Corgan – an idiot
Jonny – is a liar. They’re lying.
Corgan – My chest piece hurt but, when he was going down it felt like it was further so it freaked me out a little.
Jonny – Around the nipples hurts.
Corgan – You’re brave, I’m not ever gonna do that, ever.
Nick – Is that the most sensitive?
Jonny – umm, the collarbone and the nips are pretty much up there.
Corgan – Right in the middle right here sucks
Nick – Really, that’s the one place, the one tat I thought about getting, right here on the sternum. I’ve heard it’s one of the worst spots.
Corgan – It sucks…and the back of the thigh, I have one right here and surprisingly when he did the outline…
Nick – What do you do, do you just cry or something?
Corgan – No! I’m not gonna fucking cry.
Nick – Can you take vicodin or something like that?
Corgan – I don’t take anything, I’m not a pussy.
Nick – ooooooohhhh
Nick – I did have an idea for a tattoo, tell me if you think this is cool. I’m gonna get one line, just one line and it will go all around the outline of my whole body.
Corgan – I think you should and I want you to videotape it because it’s going to fucking hurt. You’re gonna cry.
Nick – ah, okay, I quit. I’m not doing it now…
Corgan – Okay, last question, What’s up next for you guys after Summer Slaughter?
Jonny – We’re gonna go to EUROPE, we’re gonna go to RUSSIA and then after that everything’s up IN THE AIR.
Nick – haha, it’s called the From Womb To Waste Tour. It’s with Dying Fetus, Revocation and Cerebral Bore (In Scottish accent) from Scotland.
14/09/12 – DE – Lindau – Club Vaudeville
15/09/12 – CH – Genève – L’Usine
16/09/12 – UK – Brighton – Concorde2
17/09/12 – UK – Norwich – Waterfront
18/09/12 – UK – Birmingham – O2 Academy 2
19/09/12 – UK – Reading – Sub89
20/09/12 – UK – Manchester – Club Academy
21/09/12 – UK – Glasgow – Cathouse
22/09/12 – IE – Dublin – The Pint
23/09/12 – UK – London – Underworld
24/09/12 – FR – Paris – Divan Du Monde
25/09/12 – NL – Nijmegen – Doornroosje
26/09/12 – DE – Hamburg – Markthalle
27/09/12 – SE – Malmö – KB
28/09/12 – SE – Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers
29/09/12 – SE – Stockholm – Klubben
01/10/12 – FI – Helsinki – Tavastia
03/10/12 – DK – Copenhagen – Vega
04/10/12 – DE – Berlin – C-Club
05/10/12 – DE – Würzburg – Posthalle, Hell Inside Fest
06/10/12 – DE – Jena – F-Haus
07/10/12 – CZ – Prague – Hoodoo club
08/10/12 – DE – München – Backstage
09/10/12 – AT – Wien – Arena
10/10/12 – SI – Ljubljana – Gala Hala / Kino Siska
11/10/12 – IT – Legnano (Milano) – Land Of Live Club
12/10/12 – CH – Aarau – Kiff
13/10/12 – DE – Essen – Turock
14/10/12 – BE – Aarschot – De Klinker

 JFAC is:
Tony Sannicandro – Guitars, Jonny Davy – Vocals, Jon “Charn” Rice – Drums, Nick Schendzielos – Bass, and Al Glassman – Guitar.
Interview by Corgan Suicide – HHM



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