Cub Scouts: Told You So EP Review

By on January 22, 2013


High profile awards, impressive chart performance, and not to mention the release of their critically claimed EP Told You So has been all the buzz of Australian Indie/Pop band Cub Scouts. Their sights are set on shaking up the U.S. market, and it’s now time to find out if Told You So can cause the intended quake. The EP kicks off with its title track: a ghostly vocal display [in a similar style as Pink Floyd] drives the song through its funky rhythm and poppy keys. “Evie” [a personal favorite] chimes in next with its more upbeat retro vibe: this track is infectiously catchy; It’s actually the perfect fit for an Old Navy Christmas sale commercial [no joke]. For the EP’s next song “Do You Hear” a softer tone [one almost tropical in essence] laces up with the band’s best vocal performance yet.  The EP’s next track “Hands” is a more delicate showcase of Told You So’s musical concept. “Scream” begins with a more intimate introduction before harmonically building into one of Told You So’s most unique tracks; featuring some seriously catchy hooks.

The EP closes with “Light Me Up” an extremely mellow track where the vocals and piano center stage. Told You So is a very fun/diverse release that features the best of both worlds in Indie/Pop: its more fast/upbeat/retro tracks open the EP, while its more slow & experimental tracks close it out. Fans of bands like MGMT, The Format, Fun, and Foster The People are sure to enjoy; you can grab your copy on iTunes today.

Check out the music video for “Told You So”

Review by Matt Crane – HHM