Curse & Kisses EP Review

By on March 9, 2013

Orlando Florida based Rock act Curse & Kisses have released their self-titled EP. Curse & Kisses begins with the raunchy riffs of “Stone Cold Freak” a unique blend intricate guitar leads, distorted hooks and a new wave take on late 80s Heavy Metal. The EP’s next track “Blue Eyes” mixes it up with surf-style guitar harmonics and a power metal composition: breaking it down from slow to melodic – this is a very energetic song. “Zombie” gets a bit more instrumentally experimental and incorporates a darker vocal delivery. The EP comes to a close with its title track: a more grandiose song with a rather haunting theme. Curse & Kisses is a very fun release; it’s sort of like old-school Avenged Sevenfold meets Skid Row meets Metallica meets Megadeath meets Rob Zombie – definitely worth a listen. You can grab your copy today.

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