Cyber PR: Fuel Your Fans & Feed Your Career

By on December 13, 2012

You are on a mission: You’re trying to get your music out, touch MORE people and live “the dream” – whatever the dream means for you specifically.

I’ve spent that last 17 years, running a digital PR firm for musicians. I’ve watched really incredible artists make it or break it in the music business because of one reason: FANS.
But “Living the Dream” is not at all what it used to be. And you’re not going to get found or discovered until you have a tribe of FANS.
Here’s a secret I’ve learned that works every single time:
Fans = Moving Closer to Your Dream

I’m also on a mission: I want to help more people in the music industry and beyond to learn what I believe is the most crucial piece in growing your personal brand, creating real fans, building, and sustaining your career.
This crucial piece that will help is social media and online marketing. Because when done the right way, these two things working in concert will directly impact your fan base.
So, I want to give you the opportunity to learn that magic feeling of connecting to your fans, to having them talk back to you, engage with you and support you. That is what this campaign is all about.

I want YOU to cross off whatever it is that is on your bucket list for your music. 

By saying “YES!” you will not only be stepping up and getting more serious about your career, you will also be the wind under my wings as I complete 2 projects that have been at the top of my bucket list for years.

Here’s what I’m going to do and give you exclusive pre-access to:

1. I’m going to professionally edit, design and publish 3 New Books

  • Cyber PR® For Musicians: Tools Tricks & Tactics For Building Your Social Media House
  • The Teachers Guide to Cyber PR®
  • Cyber PR®: Tricks & Tactics For Building Your Social Media House  (which will be my first book written for readers outside of the music business).

2. I’m going to create the BEST Social Media Mastery Course for creative minds available in the world.  (seriously, I am). It will be called Social Media House: Dialed In Exposure and Die Hard Fans in 9 Weeks

Social Media House will be a 9-week online experience that will teach you everything you need to know to successfully integrate online marketing and social media to supercharge your connections, build your fan base and streamline your overall approach, saving precious time, so you stop spinning your wheels online and start seeing what the real point of marketing is.

Social Media House will include videos, teleseminars, live coaching, written exercises and mastermind groups that will take you through how to really understand and master connecting to your fans.  It will be taught by me and closely supervised by my entire team (collectively we have 42 years of marketing experience between us!)  

We will be on-hand to offer feedback and help you along every step of the way with weekly calls, where I will answer every single one of your questions personally.

PLUS:  I’m going to write the best Crowd Funding resource available. I love taking what seems overwhelming and daunting, and making it simple and actionable. So, I will be documenting my entire journey on this campaign and explaining, step-by-step, what I did. Everything will be broken down from writing the copy on this page, to this campaign’s completion.  I will writeThe Cyber PR Guide to Crowd FundingCreate Captivate & Complete Your Perfect Campaign From Start to Finish This will be an ebook that everyone who partakes in my crowd funding campaign will receive.  This way, if you want to launch your own campaign to activate your dreams you will have my template to follow.

PLUS: I have asked some of my favorite people in the music business to contribute fabulous bonuses and they have come through with some exclusive goodies to make the rewards even sweeter!

To get these two bucket list dreams completed will require copy editors, cameramen, film editors, graphic designers, website builders, and book designers. 

I’m ready to help you by creating the most revolutionary course on the planet to help you get more fans – LOYAL, SUPER FANS – and reach your dreams. 

Help me help you by committing to buying fueling.

And I’m going to give it all to you at a discount to make this a total no-brainer for you. All of the offerings on this campaign will cost more after January 14, 2013.
THANK YOU for reading this far!  Now come see the juicy offers I have put together! 

I look forward to having you read my new books, come play a showcase in NYC, spend a weekend with me or participate in my social media mastery program SOCIAL MEDIA HOUSE: Dialed In Exposure & Die Hard Fans in 9 Weeks. 

Click here to learn MORE about it and what I’m going to be offering:


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