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By on June 24, 2011

Cab 20

Cab 20 chair

Rock, Garage
Los Angeles, CA
Queens of the Stone Age, The Stooges, The White Stripes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Cab 20 – Straight up Rock-n-Roll with a groovy garage underbelly


” Bert Hoover (vox/guitar), Chris Khalife (bass) and Eric Contreras (drums) take nods from old-school blues masters such as Muddy Waters and Son House, then throw in some modern riffage a la Jack White to produce the Cab 20 sound – heavy, fuzz-driven guitar tones sit under a bed of Van Morrison with his early group Them.”
Shaun Hague – Beach Reporter

It’s rock n’ roll. “Boots” by Cab 20. Sometimes it’s damn good to hear some straight up rock n’ roll. Raw, raucous, jamming, pounding, tearing, dirty rock n’ roll – with a groove. That’s what Cab 20 does

Dirty Jeff – Dirty Hippy Radio

About Cab 20

Cab 20 is one of the youngest up and coming bands on the Southern California independent scene. Hailing from El Segundo, CA, Bert Hoover (vocals/guitar) and Chris Khalife (bass/vocals) and Eric Contreras (drummer)—who joined the group in 2008—began gigging around SoCal in 2007.
As young veteran musicians, everything about the band’s existence has been organic. Even their debut album Dirty Smiles was put together without the normal music business thought process of record sales or lead singles. “We looked up and had recorded about 20 songs and thought let’s put out an album,” says Bert. Released in mid-2010 on iTunes and in local mom and pop music stores, Dirty Smiles features the popular song “Gravedigger,” as well as several other cuts that showcase the bands new retro sound.
Inspired heavily by contemporary rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age as well as gritty old Delta blues acts like Howlin’ Wolf and Son House, Cab 20’s music is lyrically powerful and sonically pleasing while maintaining an edge that rivals that of musicians twice their age.
Cab 20’s love for vintage sounds stretches beyond just their musical influences. Thanks to crate digging parents, the band has a love for vinyl as well. “We’re both like huge fans of vinyl and having something tangible is really important for our relationship to music,” says Eric. The band even released their debut album on vinyl.
The band’s next release will be the Cactus E.P. The E.P.—which features a couple songs off of Dirty Smiles as well as new tracks—can currently be heard via the bands’ page. A physical release is upcoming as well.
Fresh out of high school, Cab 20 has stayed active, self producing and releasing product and rocking shows all around the greater Los Angeles area from record stores to Hollywood clubs. Embraced by critics (They have been written up in several newspapers and on music blogs) and fans alike, Cab 20 represents a new breed of rock bands doing music for the love. “Don’t get me wrong we would love to make money but that’s not the ultimate goal,” says Bert. “We’re in it for the music and to make people happy and make them feel something.”


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