Dahab: Qabeela’h Review

By on February 10, 2013


Dahab is a unique band, Qabeela’h is a unique album, and this is a unique review [to say the least] so I’m just going to jump right into it. The album opens with the track “Nuweiba” an interesting harmonic driven folk interlude. “Heal” comes in next with a more indie sounding acoustic melody and a very retro vocal collaboration. The album’s next track “Crystallized” incorporates interesting elements of percussion for a very “one with nature” feel. “Meezo” and “Al Ras” continues the album’s interesting Folk/Arabic musical concept before the album’s 6th track “Shine” mixes it up with a total jazz feel; if Sinatra had ever went indie, my guess is it would sound something like this song. “Alice” gets a bit more upbeat with an interesting lead taking the reins of the song and deeper “soulful” vocal performance. “Shine” is a unique blend of the band’s diversified sounds: incorporating elements of Folk and Jazz to name a few. The album’s 9th track “Mesk” slows it down with a more haunting undertone and emotional acoustics. The album’s title track and its 11th “Time” both showcase the Arabic/Jazz/Indie musical crucible of the album.

“I Am Gold” gets cheery and ghostly [at the same time] with the backing of a skillful instrumental composition. The album comes to a close with “Dahab” an appropriately diverse instrumental finish: displaying the key musical elements of the band. As I said, Qabeela’h is a very unique release that musical connoisseurs are sure to appreciate; you can grab your copy of the album on iTunes today.