Daniel Rinaldi Interview

By on January 9, 2013

Things you should know about Daniel Rinaldi:

  • He grew up listening to artists including Steely Dan, The Temptations and Hall and Oats.
  • During his time as a vocal major at the Frank Sinatra School for The Arts he performed in venues including Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center and Central Park (the latter with the Dave Matthew’s Band).
  • He joined Bedlight For Blue Eyes and released the soulful rock gem Life on Life’s Terms.

You can find all of this out in his bio, albeit more eloquently put. This is the bare basics version. Our interview with him is a bit more in-depth, I promise you:


We’re only a couple weeks into the new year, but have you broken any resolutions yet?

Not at all, I don’t really do the whole resolution thing. I just try to get better everyday at everything I do and everything that comes my way over the year. Most of the time people set unrealistic goals that seem great, but rarely get accomplished.

What were a few of the highlights of 2012 for you?

Well after a few years of really not knowing if I was going to do music anymore I decided to take a chance and start on a solo project. So over the summer I wrote and recorded what became my first solo EP that later came out in February. This was really something so special to me and it allowed me to become an artist outside of my previous band, Bedlight For Blue Eyes, and really stand on my own.  

What was the general reception from fans in regards to the EP? It was a bit of a departure from your previous work.

With a change in your work there will always be the fans that love it, and there will also be the fans that never want to hear anything else but that previous work. With that being said, the general reception was really great. The EP really took on a life of its own and it is something I am so proud of. I couldn’t believe after years of not releasing any kind of material how many old and new fans grabbed onto my music again and took it as their own.

You’ve been playing the songs live for almost a year now. How has your live show adapted over time?

Well the live show has for sure changed for me (there is a lot less dancing and gyrating haha). Coming from a band I always had others to kind of lean on on stage; you always have some one to kind of take the heat off of you. My first solo show I feel like I fell right back in love and right back into place again. You are more exposed as a solo artist, especially how I have been playing all shows with just myself and a acoustic guitar player. It is a lot more of me standing and giving you every emotion, which I feel I gave before, but this is on a bit of different level.

Was there a new sense of nervousness getting out there again? I mean, you’ve been in bands in the past, but this solo stuff is kind of your baby.

There was such a sense of nervousness before any of this even came to life. I spent months with my family, my girlfriend, and friends talking about and wondering if this is the right idea. It is hard enough to be in a band and put a body of work out, but then to strip it all away and make yourself the only one that is in the line of fire, it is very hard to take that risk. I have a huge support system in my close loved ones and in fans that have truly stuck with me since day one. 

Once the decision was made and the songs were done I believed in this so much that the nerves went away and it was just time to get back out there. You are right, this is absolutely my baby and my heart. I don’t take anything away from my time in Bedlight, but this is something that has started a great new chapter for me. 

Tell me a little bit about your “Boot Campaign Fundraiser.” What’s it benefitting and how did it start?

Boot Campaign is a company that one of my best friends in the whole world works for. It is a great company that goes out and does amazing things for our veterans and active soldiers. My activeness in this company really just started with the support for a good friend’s new chapter in his life, and realizing what we as people can do for others. Anyone that knows me knows that I am the first one to try and help when I can. You can donate here any little bit helps. http://www.crowdrise.com/danielrinaldi

You hinted about starting a new EP back in September. Have you made any progress on that? 

Yes, I have! I am always actively working on music; some of it for others and most of it for me. There are tons of ideas in the good old MacBook that come to life and others never leave the computer. Right now as we speak, three songs are written and demoed. I am pretty sure these songs will just come out as soon as they are done. I am not looking to put together this big EP or full length. So it may be just these three songs and then some other treats mixed in after. 

Are you working with anyone on it?

I am always working with a whole bunch of people and am always interested in working with more. Right now though I am working with my producer who also worked on the EP with me, Adam Richman. He is a great songwriter and producer and really is what sparked this whole thing along with me. We really have a sense of friendship and trust and that really makes for a great studio experience. He also has been the guitarist playing with me live. He does a great job helping me bring these songs to everyone. 

Is there any sound or style you’re experimenting with when it comes to writing newer material?

I am always pushing myself to evolve and test the limits. With this new material there is a lot of stuff that I have never really stepped into and I am excited to show some different sides of me. I just don’t want to put out the same thing every single time. I want to give every single person something that they can really fall in love with. Regardless of where the music goes the one thing that stays the same is ME. I feel that that is really important, that even if I did a polka song you still know it’s me, and I do it the best I know how. The material and style might change but the thing that stays constant is my voice and what I am all about. 

Any predictions on when we’ll get to hear a clip or two?

Hmmm right now it is still a little too soon to tell. I would really hope in the next coming months I will be able to put out a little teaser with some stuff.

Are there any current artists that are influencing you?

Right now I am influenced (and just plain old like all for different reasons) by a few artist, if we are talking about the current working artists. I really love Bruno Mars’ work. He has a voice that you just feel the emotion and feel that he gave you everything he had. I also dig Rihanna, Maroon 5 , T Swift, etc, etc. I am also really into the whole producer movement with guys like Zedd, TyDi, Afrojack, and a bunch more.

You do a lot of fairly random YouTube covers, how do you go about picking the songs? 

I kinda just go with what feels right and sometimes what someone might suggest. My goal with those was to bring someone into my world as if you were sitting in a room and we just decided to jam on something. No production, no auto tune, no tricky camera angles, no editing after the fact, no editing during, and what ever else the youtube stars are doing these days. I am not trying to make a career off of getting a bazillion views on someone else’s song. I am trying to give people something special and something raw. 

Often time the person at home misses that, even with the live show and what you can fix live now, they just miss it. I wanted you to get the same feel that family and friends get from the kid that just sits in his house and might randomly want to sing, and you get that with videos I have done. Not every note is perfect sure and maybe the picture is grainy but to be honest I’d rather be that guy, not the person who gives you something I am not. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Please, please, please just support what you love. It doesn’t have to be this, just go out and support music, art, food, sports anything you love, go out and support it. I would love for you all to always check my music out on all my sites. If you are an old fan, thank you for sticking with me so long and trusting me enough to be as patient as you have been. To the new fans, thank you for checking me out and I hope that I can always give you something that speaks to you on some level. Thank you so much for the opportunity of this interview and if you got this far in my rambling, THANK YOU! 

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