Interview with Ian Mclean of Darkhorse

By on August 28, 2013


Interview with Ian Mclean of Darkhorse

“It’s something that comes out of nowhere and overcomes great odds to succeed. I’ve always liked it, we wanted this to be the name when we initially came up with the band, plus it sounds pretty cool… haha,” Ian indulges my curiosity over the band’s name. I had a chance to chat with the lead singer about the new album, influences and upcoming gigs

HHM – Tell me a little bit about the formation of the band?


       Ian –  “I’ve known Jay for years, we were in a band called The Goodwill briefly and hit it off. It didn’t work out with the band, but we found a common thread in music and stayed in touch. We were both busy with different bands throughout the years, but we wanted to write a straight up/kick ass rock album together. I went to a Wilhelm Scream show and talked to Trevor Reilly about possibly recording some songs there. Basically, I called him up and booked some studio time. Then called Jay to let him know when we’d be recording, and sent him the 10 songs. Everything just seemed to fall into place, and we recorded The Engineer.”


HHM – This your Freshman album that comes out August 20th. What were your inspirations and influences musicially?


          Ian – “We had so many different sources of inspiration for the album including books and movies to all genres of music. For this album though, we were really inspired by earlier Thrice, Deftones, and all the punk rock and bands we grew up listening to. We’re also directly inspired by End of Sirens, a Wilhelm Scream and Rick Ross.”


HHM – Who writes the lyrics? What subjects are you more likely to lean towards?


        Ian –  “I write all the lyrics. I touch on a variety of issues but include a common theme of overcoming a struggle. These days good lyrics are hard to find; I work really hard to make sure ours are worth your time.”


HHM – Are you playing any shows anytime soon? Where and when?

      Ian –  “We will be soon enough, check out our websites for more info”


HHM – Planning a tour?

          Ian – “Right now we are so excited for the release of the Engineer on August 20th, 2013, but I can promise you that we cant wait to play live for you guys and have a hell of a time!”


HHM – Does being from Rochester, NY influence your sound?


          Ian – “This city is so strange; it’s amazing in its own twisted overcast way. (He chuckles.) Yea, I think it is inevitable that the city’s literal darkness has crept its way into the songs.”


HHM – Tell me about the upcoming album’s artwork? How did you decide to design it? How does it reflect the band?


         Ian –  “Its ominous and creepy and awesome. (He laughs.) Our friend Robert Stevens came up with it, and he’s fucking awesome. He’s super talented, and is the bass player for this rad punk band, Scholar. I think the imagery fits perfectly with the overall tone of the album. As soon as we saw it, we loved it. We want this to interest people; it’s hard enough to get someone to actually buy an album. We want people to know that we put our all into every aspect.”

Interview by: Red Sonya / @KombatSonya – Instagram


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