Davinchi: Certified Mouthpiece Review

By on December 18, 2012

Track listing:
1. The World In My Hands
2. Grind Now Shine Later
3. Candy Girl
4. Butterfly
5. Sideshow Anthem
6. Mr. Swaggtastic
7. Priceless

With a strong Twitter following of nearly 30,000 and a style unique to the industry; underground rapper Davinchi is ready to showcase his MC skillz with the release of his debut album Certified Mouthpiece: an impressive display of hip-hop versatility, lyrical craft, and beat mastery.

The album opens with the track “The World In My Hands” starting off with some major funk and dirty distorted vocals. The track maintains a funky/fun composition balanced with some cocky in-your-face rhymes throughout. The albums next track “Grind Now Shine Later” opens with a dangerously catchy hook before breaking down into some spitting defiance, while the addition of Dynasty gives this track some extra spice. For the next track “Candy Girl” Davinchi showcases his versatility with a more poppy/upbeat performance; catchy synth reps and the playful vocals of the featured artist Bre, drive the “summery” feel of the song and engrave it’s re-playability into the listeners brain.

Davinchi slows it down In the album’s 4th track “Butterfly” a more soulful performance steady mood-setting R&B. “Sideshow Anthem” [a personal favorite] is one of the more diverse tracks on the album with a totally original beat and a catchy jump-rope style chorus; this song serves as a highlight for the different abilities and techniques Davinchi can bring to the rap industry’s table. Certified Mouthpiece’s next track “Mr. Swaggtastic” is a great display of lyrical composition serving as the centerpiece-standout of a track. The album closes with “Priceless” a song that reminds me of some of my favorite summer-chill-jam songs; this is the perfect track to jam on a hot summer day while kicking it back on the porch with good friends [and good alcohol]. You can grab your copy of Certified Mouthpiece on iTunes today.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM


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