Death Metal band Goatwhore turns it up at Shaka’s Live in VaBeach

By on October 10, 2017

Photographed and reviewed by Robert Escue

On Thursday October 5, 2017, the New Orleans based blackened death metal
band Goatwhore played a one off shows between tours at Shaka’s Live in
Virginia Beach with Rotten, Organ Trail and Fulton Ave as support.

Rotten, one of the more well known Hampton Roads death metal bands
started off the night with a set comprised of material from their 2016
effort “Rotting to Death”. Crowd response was good and Zach the lead
singer joked with people between songs.

Changing pace, the Pennsylvania based Organ Trail brought their brand of
grind and death metal to the mix. Former Macerated vocalist Matthew
Dorsey led the band as they played four songs off of their latest effort
“A Gross Misuse of Anatomy” released April 26, 2017 as well as songs
from their split with Vomit Stain and their 2015 EP “Those Slimy
Bastards”. For the fans of Macerated and Slithis in the audience, seeing
Matthew sign again was a treat.

The next band to play was Charlottesville, Virginia’s Fulton Ave
supporting their seven song EP that they released October 5th which they
played in its entirety. The show also marked the first appearance of new
guitarist Drew Curtis. Most of the crowd had not seen Fulton Ave before
and was quite pleased with the music and seeing another dimension of Kim
Dylla from her time in GWAR as Vulvatron and KimZylla from the Kung Fu

Celebrating their twentieth year as a band and supporting their June 23,
2017 release “Vengeful Ascension”with relentless touring, Goatwhore took
the stage and blew the crowd away with a thirteen song set that covered
songs from “Vengeful Ascension” to “A Haunting Curse”. Lead singer Ben
Falgoust sang, high fived, jammed and and just had a good time as Sammy,
James and Zach played their asses off. The crowd responded in kind by
headbanging and creating a good sized circle pit that lasted most of the
set. They ended the night with “F.B.S.” to a combination of cheers and
groans as many in the crowd wanted them to play much more.

Considering this was a night that included having Rob Zombie play in
Portsmouth, the crowd was decent and ready to hear some death metal. One
of the best shows that Shaka’s Live has hosted this year.

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